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Jul 19, 2001 08:11 AM

Random eating

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Have hit a variety of places and thought I'd do a quick review if you're interested. On the cheap end, finally made it to Charlie's Kitchen which is a fun, funky place that I can't believe has survived in Harvard Sq. with cheap food that isn't bad. The lobster club sandwich was good altho the lobster lasagna wasn't great (carrots in it?). Hit Kelly's on Revere Beach for the first time in 2 years and you should keep going up Rt. 1 to Ipswich cuz it's not as good as it used to be for $14 or $15 a clam plate. And fighting off the sea gulls. Had some of my friend's tuna at the B Side last nite which was a little fatty but tasty. Pineapple upside down cake is the dessert of the moment (w/ coconut ice cream) and this was decent but not as good as Salamander's.

Went to Trio, Eclipse, Centro and Aquitaine Bis all within a few weeks. Not hugely expensive, nice meals out, esp. AB. Get the cheese, mushroom, onion tart. Had the $35 3 course dinner w/ matching wines at Atara (formerly Uva's) and hopefully people will find this place. I get the impression it's not doing that great whereas people searched out Uva (altho maybe not as much in the end and that's why they left). Lastly, potato leek soup, cheesy grits and key lime pie at the Linwood BBQ hit the spot.

Going to Montreal on the 26th. Any recommendations? Think we're eating at Le Continental for French and Primadonna for Italian on happening St. Laurent, but have to cram in lots of other stuff for the 3 nites there.

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  1. Hi there - I just came back from a couple weeks in Montreal and have yet to post my report on that board - but here are a few tips. If you like Trio, you'll like Bubbles, fairly close to Primadonna on St. Laurent. It is the "in spot" of the moment, a champagne and oyster bar/resto. The place gets packed around midnite, so go early and have dinner first, to ensure you get in (kitchen closes at 11). FOr good, basic bistro cooking at a fair price, try L'Academie on the corner of St. Denis and Duluth. There is usually a line, and its BYOB. I'll post more on the Montreal board. Have fun!

    1. Thanks for the reports. Cheesy grits! One of my all time favorites. You mention in your last paragraph a trip to Montreal. May I suggest that you post this query on the Montreal board? Otherwise, I fear your request will just get lost in the shuffle! And don't forget the search feature on the homepage. That might help too. pat