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Jul 18, 2001 04:24 PM

great for group

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Hi there-
at my new position as "event planner" i am required to come up w/ great restaurants to bring groups of 15 and higher. any suggestions? cuisine, price (within reason) are really not important as long as the place is really special.

thanks so much, rebecca

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  1. Try Jasper Whites Summer Shack it has huge picnic tables and casual fresh seafood. Grab a pitcher of Margs and everything is great.

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    1. re: Mark

      Actually, their margaritas suck, but I would second the summer shack as a good option--stick to beer.

      Green ST. Grill for carribean food and tropical drinks isn't a bad option, either. Or maybe Pho Republique and get bunches of scorpion bowls and aps....

    2. Some places have rooms to accomdate larger groups. I think Tremont 647 does, and that's a funky place w/good food and bar. If you want upscale, Grill 23 has private rooms upstairs, but I would think you'd want to do something.....cooler than that. I think someone mentioned Jasper's summer shack. I think that's cool. Or it might be cool to have someone cater and bring like a clambake to a specific location you have.....I don't know exactly who does that, but I know for sure people do.