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Jul 18, 2001 10:16 AM

Seven Star Mandarin House

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This used to be my favorite Chinese restaurant. It was located in Newton Center, and closed while I had been living out of the area.
Anyone know if the owners/chef/etc ended up anywhere else?

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  1. We enjoyed it for many years. Even after moving from Newton to Cambridge, we would go back and bring our Cambridge friends. The owners were Yale educated and just got tired. If anyone knows anymore, I would like to know also.

    1. hey alan,
      the head chef - joseph still lives in newton.

      i know you posted back in 2001, but i just googled my family's restaurant jus for curiosity's sake My grandmother was a co-owner and my mom and dad used to work there....i used to play there as a child...haha.

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        Dear Lord, how I totally loved that place!!

        I was sooooooooooooo sad when it closed.

      2. here's a few photos...i also hold this restaurant dear to my heart, even though i was very young at the time. My father is second from the left. Head chef Joseph, is second from the right

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          Wow i loved your familys restaurant it was a great spot with great food and great service is chef joseph still cooking

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            I'm wondering if this is the same folks at the Roslindale location. There wasn't a single Chinese/Asian individual in the kitchen or on the premises. Maybe the chef/owner's weren't there that night? A woman I presumed to be the chef actually came out to the counter to answer a few questions we had about some of the dishes. All pretty young folks, seeming to care considerably about the quality. The same woman came out later, as we were leaving, to talk to us about how we liked everything.

            Oops.....didn't see post below about the owner opening it with their dad (former chef joseph). Guess that answers that!! At any rate, the staff they have maning the kitchen did a great job! :)

            1. re: Science Chick

              I have chatted up Chris and the counter staff there, and they are seriously the nicest people, they know me by name now and it's just a freindly, freindly place. Doesn't hurt that the food is outstanding either!

              1. re: devilham

                You got that right, devilham!! So made with love!

          2. This was a Saturday night staple of my childhood and it is sorely missed! We at dinner there the last night they were open.

            1. My father Joseph and I are opening a new restaurant in Roslindale, called Seven Star Street Bistro. It will be a mix of old and new, combining many of the classic dishes from Seven Star Mandarin House, with a selection of Xiao Chi (small plates) The small plates will be a mix of classic comfort food or "refined street food." We will aim to carry on the tradition of Seven Star Mandarin House with a modern twist. Can't to welcome back our former customers! We will hopefully be finished with our menu and renovations by the middle of November, and welcome you to become our friend on facebook: We will post pictures, updates on our opening, events, and specials. Feel free to share your favorite dishes from Seven Star Mandarin House, and if it is not on our menu, we will try our best to feature the dish as a special. Thanks for the continued support - Joseph and Christopher Lin

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              1. re: Christopherflin

                Let's breath some new life into this old thread, Chris's Seven Star Street Bistro opened this week.
                Stopped by last night for some great take out, the hot and sour soup brought up memories of numerous lunches in the original Seven stars in Newton.

                Starting out they are only open for dinner and only have 8 dine in seats, if you are looking for good to great Chinese food get out there!!


                1. re: lc02139

                  I loved Seven Star in Newton. What did you try at the new place?

                  1. re: bakerboyz

                    As it was only a post movie takeout, the hot and sour soup, hunan chicken, pickled vegtables, and asian tossed wings. All were terrific, and I'm having leftovers for dinner tonight. I'm looking forward to sampling more of the new dishes, but last night was for the memories. Chris's dad the original chef and owner of the newton place was cooking in the kitchen with Chris last night. Great warm and friendly feeling already just after one visit.

                  2. re: lc02139

                    Glad to hear that they are open. I was a regular in Newton for many years. Can't wait.