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Jul 17, 2001 10:18 AM

North End Help!

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I will be eating in the North end this friday night. I am considering the following options:

Antico Forno
Mamma Maria

I would greatly appreciate specific comments about any of these. I have never been to any of them. I have enjoyed Sage and Marrucuccio's (sp?) in past trips to the North End.

Thanks for all your help!!!

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  1. Antico Forno and Terra Mia are both owned by the same person..I've eaten at AF many times and really like it...they use a wood oven to make pizzas and different dishes...I haven't eaten at TM but it is more upscale..good reputation

    Mamma Maria is also more upscale..good rep..dressier atmosphere

    Lucca..don't know

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      Thanks for your help!!

      A few follow-up questions . . .

      What has kept you going back to Antico Forno?

      What specifically do you like on the menu?

      1. re: Simon

        sorry if I gave you the impression I haven't gone back...I enjoy the restaurant and was there 2 weeks ago..I like the pizzas..anything done in the wood fired oven..swordfish...a squid and octopus app...enjoy

    2. As the other person said, Terramia and Antico Forno are owned by the same person. I had one great meal at T. and one okay. Half the reason the latter was only okay I think is cuz it's very small and gets crowded and noisy which gets annoying. AF is rustic and good and less expensive. Curious about Mama Maria but have never gone. Some friends went and were a little disappointed but not sure why.

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        I went to Mamma Maria's a few months ago. It was good, but not great. I had always heard that they had incredible food, so I was sort of disappointed. I had a truffle risotto that tasted like it was made from canned chicken stock and without any sign of a truffle. Also tried a baked pasta bolognese which was good, very rich with a meat/marscapone cheese sauce but nothing special. Also I had a roasted beet salad that was *very* good, that was the best dish I had there.

      2. another place worth checking out is Prezza...sort of new wave Italian

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          Big Momma Anne

          I've been there quite a few times, and never got a bad meal. While it is pricey, it is very romantic, and move adventurous than some of the Italian restaurants in the North End. I can't compare it to the other restaurants you mentioned, because I haven't been to them.

          Have a great meal, and please report back, no matter where you eat!

          1. my long time fave is Pomodoro. also, you must get pastry deserts at modern pastry on hanover.

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              I have been to Pomodoro which, like you, I enjoy very much. However, I am hoping to go to somewhere new on Friday. Any thoughts on the four I listed?