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Jul 13, 2001 08:11 PM


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Any one been here yet? just opened...French/Indian.??? beautiful space...took almost a year longer to open than originally planned..I walked in tonight..looked at the menu..very interesting..I was just passing by..(was in shorts) but curious as to if any one has dined here yet...

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  1. My girlfriend and I went a few weeks ago. Right now, they are still at the early stage in a restaurant's existence where everyone is trying too hard. Very doting service. Of course, that's always better than the alternative, not trying hard enough. So, who can complain?

    As for the food, I would give it a thumbs up so far. Indian inspired French cuisine is how they phrase it. An excellenet tandoori quail appetizer. Chicken and foie gras entree. A nice lemon tart for dessert. After dessert, the pastry chef (who is supposedly quite talented) paid us a visit at our table. TIP: When we asked him his favorite dessert, he was very candid. He didn't blink. "Definitely the chocolate. That's our ultimate dessert." We are thinking of returning to eat at the bar and just have the chocolate dessert!

    The very high prices will prevent frequent visits. Also, although the food was great, Tabla (in NYC - the only other high end restaurant I know of which fuses Indian and French) was a more memorable meal.

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      Went to Mantra last night. The room is quite striking, very LA if you're into that sort of thing, but with a definite New England flavor (essence of the bank that was there previously!). I liked it. Had monkfish in a tomato coulis, very competent but not spectacular. Others at our table had the seared ahi tuna (a bit overcooked? less rare than desired). Definitely try the mixed nuts at the bar, they're coated in a delicious spicy/sweet mixture. (On an "unchowhoundy" note, prepare to be freaked out by the two way mirrors on the bathroom stall doors!)

      1. re: Kitty

        thanks..good info...I live in the hood and I'll check it out in the next week...probably apps at the bar...probably the most "dramatic" room in Boston.

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          I would definitely recommend it, I hope it's going to be very successful. Mantra is great - something really different for Boston. Upscale restaurant but still young and hip. I've gone twice so far and the food has been great. The first night, I had the tasting menu and it was wonderful, nothing faltered. The second time I went with the "girls" and we had a great time. Dinner was excellent again, service was nice, and we loved retiring to the "Hookah Den" and lounging on the sofas for cocktails. In September the "Om Bar" downstairs will be opening up. I thought the atmosphere felt very Miami Beach or London. Items I would recommend: foie gras appetizer, seared scallops and ANY of the desserts. Just an aside, don't worry -- the mirrors are ONE way!

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            I'm getting hungry right now..:) g friend told me about the 1 way mirrors're right ..a real South Beach look..I'll be there soon

            1. re: david9lives

              had lunch recently with a friend. very quiet. food was somewhat dissapointing. had the seabass with a dissapointing curry emulsion sauce. my friend fared better with the duck entree as it was pretty good. dessert was another dissapointment - peach soup with pieces of mango, cherry and apricot with a thin disc of almond meringue supporting litche sorbet. sounds good but the sorbet was too icy and flavor too weak while the soup could have more complexity (such as steeped in a herb).

            2. re: Rubee

              who cares about the mirrors no one cares to look believe me

        2. re: Simon

          First impressions are everything in the restaurant business and I have to say I was really ticked before the doorman 'let' us in. Yea, in these times of less indulgence and major competition for the dining dollars, my party of four ran up against a 'doorman' with a major attitude. We arrived on a Monday evening for a 8PM reservation. (my birthday) We were all dressed in nice jeans and dress shirts and dress shoes. The doorman said that there was a 'dress code' and was giving us major attitude. I said that it was funny that when I made the res. the employee never mentioned a 'dress code.' After a few minutes of feeling uncomfortable, the 'doorman' said he would bend the rules just this once as it was a slow Monday and he could accomodate us. Give me a break! I checked the Open Table webside for Mantra and it mentions the dress code as casual dress. After fuming a bit, we sit down to a good meal but again run up against staff that have way too much attitude. Turn down the flame a bit Mantra. You can be stylish and cool without adding on layers of unnecessary and imbarrasing attitude. Just go to the Four Seasons for need it!

        3. i haven't been there yet --but before i go i would like to know what the clientel was
          like--i don't want to go somewhere where there is a bunch of eurotrash wannabes---you can still dress nice and have a good time without worrying about what everyone else is going to think and playing a role like a lot of people are doing these days