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Ice cream

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Now that ice cream season is here, Pat's posting on General Topics has inspired me to start a thread here. Where do you go in your neighborhood when you need a cup or a cone? In my town, Beverly, it's Dick & June's (link to locations below). They make their own, 20 or 30 flavors, and it's fantastic. I can't speak for their sherbert or their frozen yogurt, I've never gotten past the ice cream.

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  1. In my neighborhood,(Brookline), it's J.P.Licks.....I actually eat frozen yogurt, and I think their frozen yogurt is better than most ice cream....There's one in Jamaica Plain and one on Newbury St....Oatmeal cookie is great...Probably if I ate their ice cream, I would be going down the road to hell...

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      Death to J.P. Licks - The foodie's ice cream store.
      Thanks, but for $3 / scoop, I'd rather buy my own cow.

      Personal favorite - Dr. Mike's - Bethel, CT
      Dentist turned ice cream man - Best peach ice cream ever.
      Heck of a commute though...

      1. re: Al Fresco

        Erikson's Dairy in Maynard, Mass.

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          I'll second Erikson's Dairy in Maynard. It's on Rt 117. Takes about a half hour to drive there from Somerville, and well worth the trip. If you've never tried their Toasted Walnut Fudge, you've never really had ice cream.

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          Hey - i love JP licks! It wasn't always a "Foodie" place. Unfortunately all of the "rich foodies" have taken over my neighborhood and have made JP licks a foofoolala place that is overly priced but they did the same thing w/ the houses - but alas that is for a different chat board :) But the ice cream is still great!

      2. In my neighborhood, its Meletharb's in Wakefield. All homemade w seasonal flavors and the best vanilla you ever had! You'll find it on Lowell St.

        1. ron's ice cream in hyde park, 1231 hyde park ave, 617-364-5274, great ice cream in a small candlepin bowling alley, also has a location in a more conventional setting in dedham center, also in easton hilliard's candy store is excellent much better imho then the popular crescent ridge in sharon.

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            My sister and bro-in-law live in Easton, and they prefer the Plant Depot to Hilliard's. Have you been there?

            1. re: C. Fox

              only went once to look at plants, i will go again for the ice cream and report back, we moved to easton this past october

            2. re: mark rifkin

              Tell me more about Ron's. I've passed it from the outside and it looked old style and great! It is so? All I could see where the classic glass ice-cream glasses and old decor. It is well-patronized? How about clientele? Ages? Times of day and days of week that it's most crowded?

            3. I've pretty much lived all over the Boston area so I've developed a few favorites.

              Richardson's - Rt 114 Middleton (This is my all-time favorite)

              Mac's Dairy Farm - Rt 38 Tewksbury

              Puleo's - Highland Ave. Salem

              I also enjoy Meltharb's in Wakefield and Crescent Ridge Dairy (I'm drawing a blank on its location right now).

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                Scott Mccarrick

                Im in Central square Cambridge.
                Ilove Christinas in Inman sq.
                Tosscaninis in Centrai Sq.
                Up in Maine Near the Nubble Light House is a Place Called Browns.Homemade icecream any flavor you can think of he has done. In the winter he closes and goes to Fla.Have not been there in many years,not even sure if its still there

                1. I usually don't bother much with ice cream in my neighborhood (Reading, MA).

                  I *used* to like the original Steve's, especially since he got his hot fudge recipe from my former SO's grandmother - ah, such hot fudge, we used to make it at home.

                  Anyway, I think there's plenty of excellent ice cream in the area, but my overall favorite is Sundae School on Cape Cod (Dennisport, Harwichport, East Orleans). Terrific pistachio (NOT that awful green stuff!), banana, and everything else. They use real whipped cream, not out of any kind of can. Be sure to check it out if you're down that way.

                  I *do* miss Steve's malted vanilla and malted chocolate, though!

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                  1. re: Bruce Smith

                    Yes, the original Steve's in Davis Square had to have been the BEST ice cream joint EVER, although Joey's in Teele Sq. was pretty damn good too.
                    There's so much more great ice cream than there was 10 or 20 years ago, but none to match Steve's for taste, quality, and atmoshphere.

                    1. re: Alan H

                      You said a scoopful! You could go to Steve's on the coldest winter night and the line would be way out the door and into the street. And yes, Joey's was pretty good, too. I remember once I was out for a run (back in my running days) and stopped about 2/3 of the way through at Joeys, had a hot fudge sundae for a pick-me-up, and went on my way. Somehow, that worked out just fine.

                      The original Steve re-opened into now what is Herrell's. I think there is still one in Harvard Square? (I like the one in Northampton when I'm out that way.) Atmosphere isn't the same as Davis Square was, but still great i/c and h/f!

                      1. re: Bruce Smith

                        If you want atmosphere in the Cambridge Herrell's, sit in the little room that used to be a bank vault. It can be a quiet little hideout on a weekday afternoon, as it was for me one cold day last winter when I needed to kill a couple of hours before meeting someone. The public library a few blocks away is a nice spot for waiting too, but the ice cream isn't nearly as good! And yes, the Northampton location has the same great stuff. I've been a Steve's peppermint fan since the Davis Sq. days, and Herrell's doesn't disappoint.

                        1. re: C. Fox

                          I never liked Herrell's after being such a devotee to Steve's. Toscani's Ice Cream near MIT can be pretty stellar. Their ginger icecream and mexican vanilla can blow your socks off.

                  2. I like Toscanini's, and the owner's relative has a place in Belmont called Rancatore's. Their ice creams are very rich and wonderful.

                    For soft-serve I used to go to Dean Dairy in Waltham. Does anyone know if it's still open?

                    The best ice cream I have had in Boston is with dessert at Rialto, which featured caramel ice cream. Wish I could make it as good!


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                    1. re: Adam

                      I am very sad to report that Dean Dairy is indeed closed. I went on a mission to find this place on a recommendation from a friend. We drove around and around (after a delicious dinner at Ritcey's) and asked many people walking around Waltham if they knew where it was. No one seemed to know. Finally we asked a guy at a gas station and he asked me why we wanted to go there? It was closed. I thought he meant it closed at 9. But alas, no... it is gone, closed down.

                    2. I am originally from JP and I have to go with JP Licks. The owner has come a LONG way from his first days in a small shop across from Flannie's (you'll know what I mean if you're from there). They have great homeade ice cream and THE BEST homeade frozen yogurt in Massachusetts (believe me I'm an addict so I have tried many places). They have many flavors - some change but the favorites stay. Their AldenMerril (sp?) chocolate brownie is a must for die hard chocolate fans. The white coffee is delicious as is the blackberry,banana, pistachio - I could go on and on!. Pretty much everything is good :)

                      Now that I live in Somerville and Steve's is gone we go to Christina's in Cambridge or Toscanini's. Both very good. But alas I will pretty much eat ice cream or fro yo at anytime and from anyplace. Is that good or bad?