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Jul 12, 2001 01:23 PM

Newton tonight?

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Hi everyone,

I'm going to be in the vicinity of Riverside Station (I think - Grove St. exit off 128) tonight. Where could I stop for a quick bite before my meeting?

C. Fox

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  1. If you're there by car, hop down to Blue Ribbon BBQ in W. Newton. Or follow Grove St into Auburndale, cross Comm Ave and it becomes Lexington Street which becomes Moody Street where you have many many great choices.

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    1. re: Alan H

      Thanks, Alan. If I'd known I was that close to Ritcey's, I wouldn't have asked!

      1. re: C. Fox

        Haven't seen Ritcey's mentioned on the boards that much. Coming from Beverley, I curious how you found out about it.


        1. re: Paul

          If you do a search on "Ritcey's Waltham", you'll find several rave reviews. I did go there, but my experience didn't really live up to the anticipation. Good chowder, oddly buttery-tasting fried calamari, decent fries, truly sad lettuce & tomato. On the basis of the one visit, I'd rate this place slightly above average. I'll give them another try at some point, though. Nice folks, nice homey atmosphere, and the squid was fresh; they say everything is served the same day it was caught.

          1. re: C. Fox

            Ritcey's is a great place for a fried fish sandwich - super fresh fish, totally unpretentious. NOT the place, however, if you want something exotic as, oh, say ANY vegetable prepared ANY other way besides boiled/steamed....

            but man, what a fried fish sandwich!