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Jul 11, 2001 11:51 AM

Burgers---Where do you go ?

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This is my first post on this site,my wife found it and forwarded it to me,this is great stuff. My question is where do all the other Chowhounds in the Boston Area go for a good Burger. We go to O'Sullivans on Beacon Street in Somerville the place is fantastic and they give you nuclear sized FF.Good stuff cheap.

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  1. Try Bartleys Burger Cottage on Mass Ave. just before
    Harvard Square.

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    1. re: Nobbieburger

      We were vacationing in FT. Lauderdale this past April and ate at a Fudruckers. I know it's a national chain, but I was quite impressed. The burgers come in all sizes, including a mammoth one pounder, and they have a condiment bar to dress it up as you like. They also make old fashioned thick shakes(made to order) with Edy's ice cream. We were waiting for the cast of Happy Days to come through the door! That's the kind of place it was. Does anybody know where there might be a Fudruckers in this area?

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        There is a Fuddruckers on Route 1 in Saugus.

        1. re: Maura

          ROUTE 114 IN ANDOVER MA,

          1. re: Maura

            Fuddrucker's in Saugus (Rt 1 N right after Kowloons)
            is very good in my book. The extremely fresh toppings that you put on yourself is the best part... and the burgers are always cooked perfect. Plus my daughter likes playing in the "playground" area.

          2. re: Frank

   the State Transportation Building, Ten Park Plaza, first floor (otherwise known as CityPlace). It has been replaced with a California Pizza Kitchen.

            I agree that the burgers at Fudruckers were actually *pretty good*. And, I've sampled several of what New York chowhounders considered the best of NYC.


        2. Great wife you've got there, ScoobieSnack! Welcome to Chowhound. I'm busily collecting tips on Boston, since I plan a trip there in the fall. Pat

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          1. re: Pat Hammond

            Drop us a line when you are coming into town and maybe we can hook up and Chowdown

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            Scott Mccarrick

            I go to the Cantab in Central Square Cambridge
            Huge tasty burger. Never had a bad one.not enough fries.Bartleys is great.Have heard all good things about o'sullivans hope to get there soon.Also on Columbas ave in the South End is Tims Place. Haven't been there in years but i hear its still great

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            1. re: Scott Mccarrick

              Wow, I didn't know the Cantab served food, I'll have to check it out. I still like the burgers at Bukowski's by the Cheri Theater. The Miracle of Science in Central Sq. has wonderful burgers, served with red potatos instead of fries which are good but sometims you really need fries with your burger. A friend thought the burger at the Temple Bar was really good. I'll have to give O'Sullivan's another try but the meatball style burger oozing grease on the then uncrisp fries didn't do it for me the one time I was there.

              1. re: joanie

                Gotta give O'sully's another try! I have been going there for 3 years now and I have yet to have a bad "HUGE" burger an fries!

            2. ahhh... a topic near and dear to my heart... echo props for miracle of science (and its relative, audobon), also big fan of the burger at blue cat cafe on mass ave. tim's is also amazing... but, the best burger i've had (and ONLY because i had family in town) was not a place you'd think of... the bristol lounge in the four seasons - a little pricy at ~ $15, but cheap for that place...

              1. I used to go to Bartley's several times per week, and their onion rings are the best thing (although the whole meal is a bit greasy). I used to have their raspberry-lime rickeys.

                Sadly, or perhaps not so sadly, the best burgers I've had from a place still around is at Friendly's. Bartley's is very much what it is--a very unique place which is great at the right time. But sometimes you just want a flat LA-style burger with a buttered, toasted bun... and only Fudruckers and Friendly's make such things. Bartley's is a more rounded, hand-formed burger. The aroma can be good (I pedal by it every day) but sometimes the meat can have a slight dog-food quality to it.

                I drove by a burger stand in East Boston recently but didn't try any food. Any reports?

                Always in search of a good burger.