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Jul 10, 2001 11:46 AM

Bison County??? - Waltham

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Anyone been to Bison County in Waltham. There was a great place I used to go in Virginia for Bison Burgers. I am considering a trip out to Waltham for Bison. Any thoughts?

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  1. Though I have never been there myself I have heard really good things about it. But if you're looking for really good BBQ I highly recommend Uncle Pete's in East Boston. Owned by Pete and his wife (who happpens to be Asian and they infuse that w/ some of the menu items)they cook up some of the best pork ribs in the state. What's also nice about Pete's is that they have a HUGE menu of pork, beef, chicken, fish, veggies, etc... It's pretty cheap which is also a bonus! Good Luck!

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      Where is Uncle Pete's? Tell us more...Sounds like a great place for non-meat eating friends of barbecue fiends....

      1. re: galleygirl

        Uncle Pete's is on Bennington St. in E. Boston, can't remember what square that is. It's a cool place with booths on one side and some of their menu is really good. But some of it is kind of weird cuz their Asian interpretation of bbq and southern food doesn't always work. On Mon.and Tues. you can get really cheap meals for two and I got pulled pork which was good and jerk chicken which was weird. It came with kind of a sweet and sour sauce. The onion rings were great as was the Asian slaw. The bisquit wasn't that good and what we thought was butter was cheam cheese. A friend got fried chicken that she thought was kind of weird. It's definitely worth checking out tho cuz it's pretty cheap. Stick with straight bbq and get those onion rings.

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          Stick with Redbones.

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            I'd go with Blue Ribbon BBQ over Redbones. It is located on Washington Street in West Newton (Exit 17 off the Mass Pike). It isn't fancy, basically a take out joint but there is limited seating and a couple of tables outside. The food is great! I have even heard Southerners say it is as close to the real thing as you can get in the Boston area. Plus, the waits aren't even close to Redbones. You can even call in your order ahead of time. On weekends, the wait at Redbones can be 2 hours!

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              Don't forget there's also a Blue Ribbon on Mass Ave in Arlington across from the Stop & Shop just past the Center

        2. re: galleygirl

          It's an old Dairy Queen so you can't miss it. The biscuit is actually a sweet potato biscuit w/ a sweet "frosting". I like it but my husband hates it. The onion rings and fries are great as well as the asian slaw and their regular salad has a great dressing.

          The Asian influence does come up but I find that it does not over power any of the dishes they present. Their pork ribs are some of the best I have EVER had. I've also had some of their specials and was pleased as well. They also make a great apple pie. Also if you are like my husband you will LOVE the service. It's always fast, hot and your out the door!

      2. Simon
        Even though you had many replies you didn't get an answer to your question. I have been to Bison many times. My more recent visits have been disappointing. In the past the Bison burgers and tips were very good. Also the do a sweet potato fry. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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          I'll give it a shot and leave a message when I do. Thanks for the reply. Everyone else seemed to discuss places other than Bison County!!