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Jul 9, 2001 07:06 PM

great lunch spot in north end for tomorrow?

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Does anyone have a rec for a nice lunch in the North End? Need asap for tomorrow. Many thanks in advance!

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  1. On the way from the airport to Waltham (or not too far out of the way).

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    1. re: Emily

      If you're taking Rte. 93 to 128, go to the Seafood Depot in West Medford, just a mile or so off 93 on 60W. It's my favorite place for lobster rolls, and also serves up a decent clam plate, fish & chips etc.

    2. Picollo, it is on Hanover


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      1. re: TK

        Do you mean Piccola Venezia?

        1. re: galley girl

          Yes I mean that one-thanks