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Jul 9, 2001 02:12 PM

buffet with lobster

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I saw an add for a buffet that had all you can eat lobster. I think it was on rte 9. Can anyone tell me anything about the place?

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  1. Yes, that is Super Buffet on Rt 9 east in Framingham. It's a fair place-- Chinese, sushi, Italian, American, raw bar, etc.
    It has declined in quality a bit since it opened, but is a bit better than most of these places. The Italian and American foods are pretty lame. The Chinese is pretty good, and the sushi is better than most other restaraunts of this ilk (although not up to sushi bar standards). The lobster is cantonese style with a white corn starch based sauce, served cut up in the shell. The best strategy is to hover by the serving table and get right in there when a new batch is served.

    A much better option is the new Pacific Buffet, also on Rt 9 east in the old Chateau Deville building. No lobster, but just tons and tons of food, with a custom grilling station. The food here is better, no doubt about it.

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      I agree with the previous post about the Super Buffet in Framingham, MA. I used to love it but th quality has gone WAY downhill and the place is downright awful now. Good luck getting any lobster- you have to fight for it.

      I like the Pacific Buffet just down the street. The food is good and they grill to order many items. I hope the quality stays up. Right now, It's probably the best Chinese buffet going.

    2. The thought of lobster buffet takes me way back to the days of JT's buffet on Route 1. You paid $20 at the door. This was quite steep for my student budget, but you got unlimited freshly boiled lobsters, corn on the cob, potatoes, steak? other meats?, giant salad and dessert bars, and probably more that I'm forgetting. For an extra fee you could have a plate of steamers delivered to your table. Don't know what my now-more-educated palate would make of the place today, but as someone recently pointed out elsewhere on these boards, it's hard to ruin lobster! I don't know why they had to fold -- I suppose the price of lobster got out of hand.

      Come to think of it, this must have been my introduction to lobster. I didn't grow up eating the stuff, and

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      1. re: C. Fox

        Oops -- sorry, folks, my keyboard died in the middle of a sentence...

        As I was saying, I was not offered lobster as a child, I was a strict vegetarian from age 17-21, so JT's at 21 must have been my first taste of lobster. Somewhere in my mind, I still connect lobster with incredible bounty. Those heady feasts at JT's featured 2 or 3 whole lobsters, but now even one feels like a banquet, and it's nothing to do with the price tag (now that I think of it, I never paid at JT's, the boyfriend did).

        I believe JT's had the key to good buffet - do something you can keep turning out quick and fresh, and people will line up for it. Other than this, my experience of buffet has been mostly of the steam-table variety, and mostly forgettable.

        1. re: C. Fox

          For years my brother has been insisting that a lobster much under two pounds just doesn't have enough meat on it to be really worth eating. He'd say that a 2-pounder has way more than twice as much meat a one or one-and-a-quarter and that furthermore, the larger ones taste better.

          I finally tried a two-pounder and I must say that little bro' was right on the money. Not only did the larger lobster have FAR more meat than the smaller sizes, but the meat was tastier. I cooked the lobster myself - just stuck it on top on a bunch of blue crabs in the steaming pot, along with some shrimp & crab boil (spices). That was one meaty, tasty crustacean. I'll never get those little guys again!

          Has anyone eaten a really big lobster - say three pounds and up? What do you think - different from the smaller ones?

          1. re: Bruce Smith

            I bought an 8# lobster back in the 60s in Tom's River, NJ. It was perfectly marvelous and lasted the two of us the better part of a week. However, by that time it looked as though seagulls had picked it over! pat

            1. re: Pat Hammond

              We've always said here that the people who claim the little lobsters are better eating than the big ones are the people who can't afford the big ones, consoling themselves.

            2. re: Bruce Smith

              I do enjoy a 2+ pounder from time to time.....I don't actually find the taste any different than a 1 pounder. I like to grill my lobsters so I actually prefer the 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 pounders because they are easier to handle when splitting them. When you get to the really big ones (3+ pounders), the cooking method changes a little. I find that poaching them ratehr than boiling them keeps them nice and tender.

              1. re: Bruce Smith

                i had my first 3.5# lobster in maine a month ago. Absolutely the best lobster I have ever had - in my opinion, they definitely taste better and are more enjoyable to eat. Best place to go? .. outside bar harbor, me - before you cross one of the bridges if you're coming from the boston area (the bridge starts with a T - can't quite remember the full name).. is a shack where you select your own lobsters, pay by the pound and they cook them for u - u pay extra for sides like steamers and chowder. It's a different experience and well worth the $8.75/lb.

            3. re: C. Fox

              Nordic Lodge in Charlestown RI currently has a lobster buffet with all you can eat whole steamed lobsters, steamers, giant baked stuffed shrimp, fried seafood, filet mignon, prime rib on and on and on. There's a haagen daaz sundae bar and fresh baked deserts to top all that off. It's steep at 47 dollars a person but probably compares to 20 buck for your time frame. It's well worth it. Their website is

              1. re: fatboy
                Guy Lesperance

                Nordic Lodge is a real treat. Was there a few weeks back and if you you go there for nothing but the lobsters, you are ahead of the game! The lobsters are all 2 pounders and in the 1 1/2 hour you are allowed to keep your table, you can certainly devour 5 or 6 of them easily. It's well worth the 47 bucks they charge.

                1. re: Guy Lesperance

                  Hmmm....I feel a field trip coming on...

              2. re: C. Fox

                JT's on Route 1? Back when I was in high school (late 1970's), I went to a place called JT's on Route 20 in sounds exactly like the place you are describing. It is no longer there and has been gone for a long time. I think it is now the Sky restaurant.