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Jul 7, 2001 03:02 AM

one more thing

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whoops..I also meant to ask: anyone know anything about Bob The Chef's? I've been meaning to try that out for a while...thanks.

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  1. Great fried chicken and greens and the best
    mac-n-cheese in town. The Sunday brunch is nice with down-home food and really good jazz. A lot of people made a fuss years back when they renovated but I still find the food and atmosphere to have that good, soul-food feel it's always had. Go on a weeknight and pop down the street for some amazing live jazz at Wally's!

    1. I found the ribs at Bobs suprisingly good,
      the rib chicken starter is actually more then enough for a meal.

      I have been to Wally's many times for great jazz
      anyone know about the place near Bobs on Tremont called "Slades".