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Jul 7, 2001 02:44 AM


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this is my first visit to the chowhound website. this is dope. I have a couple questions. First, I have never had lobster before and am excited to try some when I head to Acadia National Park in Maine later this summer. anyone know the best place to get lobster somewhat close to there? also, I must pass Buzzy's fabulous Roast Beef about 3 times a week and always wonder: is it any good?

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  1. Welcome to Chowhound, Foximoto! I'd love to be present the first time someone tries lobster! I haven't been to the Bar Harbor area in quite a while, though I do live in Maine. I'll ask a friend up there what she recommends. But you are going to LOBSTER COUNTRY! Any native would proudly point you to their favorite spot. Lobster is our bread and butter, so to speak. What I'm trying to say, is that you can hardly go wrong. But try it first at one of the water-dock-side places where it will be more reasonably priced than in a sit-down restaurant. Atmosphere can't be beat, either. Have a great time. I'll try to get a name of a place for you.pat

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      Okay, here's the scoop! Just before you go over the bridge to the island (the Park) is the Trenton Lobster Pound on the right. Go! Enjoy! pat

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        Scott mccarrick

        i agree with the trenton lobster pound.
        i was in bucksport for 15 days last summer. went there 5 times

    2. Welcome Foximoto! You'll find this site addictive...I'm sure we'll see more from you. On Mt. Desert Island a truly great spot is Thurston's Lobster Pound --near West Tremont. Doesn't get better. Chow!

      1. having just returned from Acadia (and as a regular visitor) i would add another vote for Thurston's. You have to hunt it down a little, it is in Bernard or West Tremont - basically as far away as you can get. it is near bass harbor. they are the best and have a fantastic setting on the harbor. and it is a working harbor, which is becoming a novelty on the island. don't bother with the scallop chowder at Thurston's.

        other possibilities for lobster pounds include Beals in Southwest harbor and Fisherman's Landing in Bar harbor.

        besides lobster pounds, my other favorites in the area include the Docksider in Northeast Harbor and Seawall Dining Room in Manset for fried scallops (the best!). If you want a fancier style of eating, the Burning Tree is good. George's in bar harbor gets a lot of press but i have not enjoyed it myself (but haven't been there in a long time.)

        1. Buzzy's used to be a good late night Score. The Short Rib Sandwich with the half of potato Fries.I haven't been in about 3 yrs,but hear it has changed from wht it used to be.

          1. and will *someone* ever make a guide to roast beef places remaining in the boston area?