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Jul 5, 2001 06:30 PM

Chicago Hotdogs

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Does anyone know of somewhere to get Vienna hotdogs? I am a Chicago transplant and am having strong cravings. Thank you in advance.

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  1. I'm right there with you. . . Unfortunately, there is no place to find Vienna Beef Hotdogs here on the East Coast. You may want to give Hebrew National All Beef's a shot, or you can mail order Vienna Beef Hotdogs via:

    Also, you can find Johnsonville Brats at Shaw's occasionally. . .

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      Though i don't know what Vienna hotdogs taste like let me suggest Pearls hotdogs. They are some of the best hotdogs i have ever tasted. They come in small, mdeium and large and can be bought at some supermarket deli's or at BJ's Wholesale Club. Well worth giving them a try... GOOD LUCK :)