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Jul 5, 2001 11:14 AM

Nantucket -- Where to Eat???

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We'll be going to Nantucket this weekend and wondered if the Chowhounds had any suggestions. Looking for a mid-price-range type place with some nice romantic atmosphere (though I know prices run high there). Any suggestions??


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  1. Try Sfoglia, across from the Finast market on Pleasant St. extension. It's a very unaffected, reasonable place with a small menu of simple, very personal food. They use the island farms well: it's the sort of place you could go and just ask them to cook for you...
    Spectacular desserts, too.

    I've heard good things about another place, Oran Mor--right near the Steamship Wharf.

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      Thanks, Amanda, for the suggestions. Sadly, I got them too late, but I will store them for future trips to the island. We were pretty surprised by how high the prices were at restaurants on the island and how dressy the places were, even in comparison to Martha's Vineyard, etc.

      Wanted to mention the excellent value at Cioppino's, a lively place in Nantucket town with a lovely outdoor patio dining area. We had a good "early bird" special dinner, three courses for $26 -- including fresh salmon and a dynamite bourbon pecan pie. Very friendly staff and excellent service.