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Jul 4, 2001 06:24 PM

NY Pizza

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Several posts lately from NY's panning (NPI) our Boston Pizza. Went to NY last year to find the much-touted NY pies. I was looking for those wonderful pies of yesteryear with the great tasting chewy crust, tomato sauce with some recognizable tomatoes and the real deal whole milk mozzarella that stretches 12 inches when you take a bite.

Went to Lombardi on Spring. Nope! not here. Pizza was decent but no better than Boston.

O wellÂ….. off to Joe's on Bleecker. Looked around, tasted, where is it? Maybe they were having a BAD DAY.

Next stop John's on Bleecker. Same deal. Not home today!

I will agree, there are very few, if any, decent pies anymore in Boston. Don't go to NY looking for them. They are not there !


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  1. You hit the Zagat choices. Next time, go to the chowhound choices. See our Manhattan and Outer Boroughs board for tips.

    Lombardy's is good but only for white clam pies. Joe's and John's suck.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      i never cared for johns.

      hit joes in the daytime..before 7 pm. and make sure you wait for a fresh slice.....i eat there 3-4 times a week. had a lousy slice on monday by accident. but 2 great ones yesterday and tuesday.

      1. re: fusilli

        anybody else love Arturo's on Houston Street in Manhattan?
        Figs in Boston is great pizza-with that awesome warm spinach salad.

      2. re: Jim Leff

        I agree with fusilli. I lived 2 blocks from joe's for 10 years and when joe's is good there is none better. As for John's, well I was never impressed...a place for the B&T crowd as far as I'm concerned.

        But I must say, I agree with you about trusting chowhound over Zagat.

      3. Hi Paul

        I lived in NYC last summer, am originally from Boston. There are far fewer great pizza places in NYC per capita than Boston. My partner and I speculate that it's because most of the older Italians running the places that made New york famous for pizza have moved to New Jersey and Staten Island.

        Arturo's, Joe's and Patsy's (117/1st) are all good, with Patsy's (NOT the chain) getting the medal. I never ventured to other places but my partner living in NYC is trying to find any good pizza in his Murray Hill. Is it impossible to do? Seemingly so. when I visit, I pine for Bertucci's but you can't get even something like that either!

        I live 6 miles outside downtown Boston and am a walk from a great suburban Greek-style sub/pizza shop that I would eat anyday.

        Then there's Rossini's on Washington Street in the S. End, which is my tops worldwide (though sometimes the only way to get it fresh is to order a whole pie). This is second to the no longer extant Regina's in Harvard Square, which made thin pies far better than what the North End location makes now. Does anyone remember the place, and especially its dumbwaiter?

        There was also a place in Belmont called "Dom's", now gone. The chef used to say "hiya butch!" to me when I was five. The pizza was very thin and juicy. Where can I find such great pizza anymore?