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Jul 3, 2001 03:36 PM

Grafton St. in Harvard Sq.

  • j

Does anyone know what happened to this retaurant? Was it just too high rent or something else? It was always crowded I thought, even tho the food was only okay and the service was atrocious (the one time I went at least).

Went to Dadaelus on Mt. Auburn St. last Fri. (which I first heard was related to Grafton St.) and had a decent meal there. American/continental food all under $18 I think. I had sea bass and my friend tried ostrich for the first time. It was good altho the sides were sundried mashed potatos and mashed carrots, a little heavy for summertime. Just don't get the bartender's special drink which tasted good but brought on a headache the whole nite.

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