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Jul 3, 2001 12:17 AM

Pit Stop Barbecue

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OK. Here's the real thing. If anyone out there loves really good barbecue. And has been wondering if there is life after Redbones in Somerville, I urge you to find the Pit Stop Barbecue on Morton Street in Mattapan/Dorchester. This place is open on Thurs-Sat and get there early because they run out of everything! The sauce has more of a bite than M&M Ribs on Columbia Road (also good but sweet sauce). Be brave! The place is really just a shack but wait until you see the barbecue pit! Try the chicken or the pork ribs with the potato salad and peach cobbler.

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    Win (Boston)

    YES! Its almost embarrassing to think that I really liked Redbones before discovering the Pit Stop and the M&M.

    I'm sure that people passing by think I am nuts because of my grin as I devour their simple pleasures sitting in my car.

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      I haven't been here in years..glad to hear it's still good..

    2. I mentioned in another post that for great BBQ try Uncle Pete's in East boston. I still feel Redbones is not that great. Their ribs just don't cut it though their pulled pork sam'ich is great. There is also Jake's Boss BBQ in JP. It's right next to Doyle's and they have some wonderful BBQ, side orders and desserts :)

      Though I haven't been to the Pit Stop my friend has SWORN by it for years. It's been there for some time. The Rib Man down on Columbia Rd (not a restaurant - pick up only - they are in a parking lot) is also well known.

      1. I am a big Fan of BB-Q and I have driven by this place and it always looked closed,I will have to check it out. If you like pork ribs you have to give Uncle Pete's in East Boston a try. It is a great place in an old Dairy Queen. Best pork ribs I have had north of Virginia. I live in Somerville and will not eat the Ribs at Redbones,although they just added a St.Louis Rib to there menu and I am willing to give it a shot.Redbones Pulled Pork is the best around though,just had a Sammich last week.