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Jul 2, 2001 10:33 PM


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any restaurant recommendations for this part of the cape?

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  1. Serena's on 6A in South Wellfleet is pretty decent, inexpensive Italian. There was an ownership change, before which it was even better, but it's still pretty good. The pasta dishes have large portions. The meatballs are excellent. Can get a bit crowded at peak times, but that's the Cape in summer!

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    1. re: Bruce Smith

      I meant Rt. 6, not 6A.

      1. re: Bruce Smith

        Can't go wrong w/ the Lighthouse, Wellfleet's locals' hangout. Captain Higgins has a great location, but I haven't been in a few years, so YMMV. PJ's dari-burger on Rte.6 is good. Box lunch is a good source of beach picnic sandwiches. Christine's Oasis on Rte. 6 is a killer bakery -- decent bagels, lots else. Get your fresh fish for grilling at Hatch's in the Wellfleet town hall parking lot.

    2. v

      We haven't eaten at these places, but they come recommended by people who have a house in Truro:

      Clem & Earcies (sp?) and Martinhouse, both of which are in Provincetown.

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      1. re: valdesgreenwood

        You will love Clem and Ursie's; it has been discussed and lauded many times before on the boards.

        1. re: Heidi

          ended up going to the Dancing Lobster in swordfish I've ever tasted and some good pasta dishes too

          1. re: 9lives

            When did you last eat there? I think it has been on a downhill spiral for the last couple of years.

            1. re: Pat Goldberg

              I ate at DL this past weekend...I agree with you ..last summer it was just meal this year was very good.

              1. re: Pat Goldberg

                Oh, no, the Dancing Lobster is on the up-and-up, in my book. Bestiality is all the rage now. That crazy lobster!

          2. re: valdesgreenwood
            Pat Goldberg

            It is Clem and Ursies. It is attached to a fish market, deli, and bakery on Shankpainter Road (one of the roads into Ptown).

            It is in many ways a glorified clam shack, but with a wide variety of offerings, including Portuguese and Carribbean specialties. I have only eaten clams and lobster, but they were fine. On Wednesdays and Thursdays they advertise that they cook lobster by the pound at roughly market prices. It also has a wine and beer licence.

            It is a good compromise between sit-down dining and dining in the rough. Both the service style and wide menu choices make it attractive for families. I expect we will eat there often when our grandchildren get here from NY and CA.