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Jul 2, 2001 06:24 PM

NYC Hounds Coming to Boston for a july wkend -Lumiere?

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We need nice spots for 2 dinners: Had a great meal at Lumiere last summer (and a silly overpriced one at L'Espalier -- merely adequate cooking w/out the famed L'Espalier grace and warmth). Is Lumiere still good? (I couldn't find any recent notes on here.)
How about Hamersely? No. 9 Park? (if its any help, our favorite types of restaurants tend to fall in the following profiles: in NYC: Union Square Cafe over Grammercy Tavern, Chanterelle over Bouley Bakery or Jean Georges; in Paris: Arpege and Trou Gascon over Lucas Carton/L'Ambroisie and L'Ami Louis/Benoit);

been to Radius and I thought it very good...

thanks in advance

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  1. I like 9 park...they have a great duck dish.

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      Win (Boston)

      Lumiere is still great. So is 9 Park, but at a much greater price.

      I really can't understand the attraction to Hammersly's. It really MUST be more than the constant mentions in the Newspaper of Record. But, it certainly does attract the suburbanites and our dear friends from THE CITY.

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        I think Hammersley's is absolutely wonderful. Each time i've been there the food has been delicious without being overly-complicated or trendily intricate for the sake of being so. I recently had the trout with a crab sauce which was the envy of the rest of the diners at my table (though they also really loved ther meals). Also had the most wonderful lobster (pan-cooked of some kind) there. Service is excellent. I highly recommend it.

      2. The hottest place I have been to lately is Jacob Wirth's on Stuart st. It is your classic old school german beer Hall, but the chef just graduated from Johnson and Wales and has the hottest most inyigorating dishes I had a duck salad the other day that was incredible, I had to go back again the next day

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          Is this a new development at Jacob Wirth's?..I've always liked the place for their great beers and the atmosphere but never thought much of the food.

          1. re: 9lives

            Yes she just took over the kitchen a few months ago, the food is incredible