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Jul 1, 2001 10:36 AM


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I found this website mentioned in the Globe and I thought I would throw my two cents in. There is a fantastic new restaurant in Adams Corner (Dorchester) called Blasi's Cafe. The menu is limited but the food is excellent. This is fast becoming the most popular restaurant in the area so get there early to avoid a wait. Try the lamb or steak tips, or the tri-colored pasta. I saw on the message board that people where looking for a good Cuban sandwich and I think the Miami Restaurant in J.P. is outstanding. Try it with the Mango Batidos (shake). Finally, if there are any hot dog fans out there who haven't found Boston Speeds in Newmarket Square then listen up: This hot dog is amazing. Speed is about 80 years old and sells these massive hot dogs out of a roadside stand with all kinds of homemade Cajun toppings. The dogs cost $5.00 and can feed two people.

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  1. Hi Mike, and welcome! Jamaica Plain was once a haunt of mine. Any idea if a Mexican place called something like "The best Mexican restaurant" is still there? I'm within striking distance of Boston and hope to get there for a shopping trip before the fall. I'll put the Cuban place you mention on my list. Thanks. Pat

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      Win (Boston)

      n.b., El Oriental de Cuba in JP has great Cuban cuisine. The absolute best Cubano sandwich in New England.

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        Hey fellas and gals-
        a little down further in this bulletin board is a whole discussion with mention of said Cuban sandwich places- and others.

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          I've driven by that place but never tried it. Have you tried the Miami? Is it really better? I thought it looked a little too grimy to be honest (although some of my favorite places should probably be shut down by the city ie. Tims Tavern in the South End.) I'll check it out.

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        Seth Ditchik

        Glad to hear that Blasi's is good; I live nearby and will have to check it out. Adams Corner is a wonderful neighborhood in desperate need of good restaurants. Is the Miami Restaurant any relation to the one in the South End, off of Tremont? Passed by there yesterday and was wondering if it was any good.

        1. what is the cross street for the place in Adam's corner?


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            Blasi's is one block up Adams Street from the corner of Adams and Gallivan Blvd. Wait about a week to go there because they are closed for a touch-up.