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Jun 28, 2001 08:43 PM


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What are the good restaurants here in Quincy? I'm looking for any kind of restaurants, from upscale to holes-in-the-wall. Any good sandwich shops? Also, any good burger places in the Boston area? I want big, fat, juicy burgers with the jalapenos piled on.

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  1. There's a Mexican place, called La Paloma.....Not a hole-in-the-wall, but not upscale....You can get basic Mexcican, but also stuff like Tuna Veracruz...I haven't been there for about a year, but I remember it as quite good.

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      La Paloma is great...been there many times. I also suggest you try Tullio's (hole in the wall) which is just down the street from Cathey Pacific on Hancock Street. The Chicken Ceasar Salads are to DIE for!! I brought some home to my family and a few friends and now they call me all the time to see if I am going near Tullio's! My friend, Debbie from Pembroke, told me her son loved the salad but thought there was toooo much chicken...can you believe that??!!!

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        I agree - Tulio's is a must try. I love both their pasta and pizza dishes. My in-laws always have to go to Tulio's when they visit. I also like Siro's on Marina Bay.

    2. Some of the best burgers I've ever had were at the PourHouse on Boylston Street (Across from the Hynes)
      The place is not fancy at all and for 6 or 7 bucks you get a great big burger with fries...YUMMY!

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        The Pourhouse for burgers? I haven't been there in a while, but they were pretty flat, mediocre burgers the last time I had them, altho served with lots of fries and cheap (less than $7 I thought). I'd recommend going around the corner to Bukowski's where the burers and fries are about $5.95 and done pretty well. With a million fancy beers to choose from if you're into that.

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        Big Momma Anne

        This restaurant is wonderful. I went there last winter, and the service, atmosphere, and food were outstanding. Put it this way, it's the only time I tipped 25%. The food is reasonably priced, and just delicious. Also, the restaurant is upscale, but my children were more than welcome.

        They specialize in Italian food. It's 45 minutes away from me, and I can't wait to go there again. If you go, do it early, because when I left there was a line out the door.

        These are high accolades, coming from me. I usually can't find Italian food that I like, because I cook Italian food often.


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          Giomatti's sounds wonderful. I, too, cook and eat Italian at home, so I am very particular. Would you mind telling us where it is in Quincy? Thanks!

          1. re: Frank

            I found a review on GeoMatti, with it's address and phone number. If you go, please post your review?

            Enjoy! I know you will.


            1. re: Big Momma

              Thanks for the info and the link. Now that I've seen it in print, I have heard of it and know exactly where it is. We may even try it today, since it is a rainy Sunday afternoon. I'll let you know. Thanks again.

        2. Pearl's at 1495 Hancock, just off the Quincy Center red line stop. Very good! A varied menu, and really pretty darn friendly!

          1. Tulio's in North Quincy is very good. Siam House in Quincy Square is wonderful.