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Jun 28, 2001 10:55 AM

Corned Beef

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Where can one get a good corned beef sandwich in the Boston area?

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  1. Get on Rt. 95 south. Keep going until you get to...oh, say Queens in NYC. Ought to be able to find one there ;-)

    Seriously though, where to get good corned beef or pastrami in the Boston area has been a vexing subject for some time, AFAIK. Be interesting to see what responses you get!

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    1. re: Bruce Smith

      Thanks Bruce,
      I wish I could teleport myself to NYC...LOL

      1. re: Kniche

        I had real, fresh, warm Jewish deli corned beef for the first time a couple weeks ago during a family-related excursion to the bowels of New Jersey.

        Yummmmmm.....I didn't know there was Jewish soul food!

        1. re: JJ

          The best corned beef and pastrami that I have found is at Sam LaGrassos..a sandwich shop on Province St..downtown Boston..compares to the best of NY...only open for breakfast and lunch..closed on weekend

    2. How about Reuben's on Harvard Street in Brookline.
      Strictly kosher, big thick sandwiches. No dairy.