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Jun 28, 2001 09:04 AM

Financial District - Takeout

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I find a real dearth of decent takeout in the financial district. I've had it with Souper Salad, Rebecca's, and Au Bon Pain. There is no pasta to be found in this area that hasn't been cooked 10 hours previous to being served. Does anyone have any delicious secrets to share?


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  1. It isn't really take out BUT the mac and cheese at Silverstones is great. You can get it to go.


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      for burritos..Real Taco sushi..Sakura Bana..Grass Roots Deli for fresh turkey sandwiches...Sam LaGrassos for corned beef or pastrami

      1. re: David

        Grass Roots Deli closed last month; they did have great roast turkey.

        Sultan's Kitchen on Broad St offers great Turkish take out (also dine-in for lunch); now available for dinner take out orders by phone. Often fabulous food.....

        1. re: Karl

          the Grass Roots on Oliver St is closed...they also have a location on Devonshire St..just off Franklin

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      Pasta Pete -- J Pace

      J Pace's is the only takeout that comes close to freshly made pasta to go. They have lots of other specialties including antipasto, Italian cold-cut sandwiches, and other hot entrees.

      I like the pasta carbonara (there are two sizes -- large is very very filling).

      The staff is quite efficient (ala Soup Nazi), as to handle the lines that form during lunch hour.

      I go to the one located in the building at One Federal St. There are other locations around downtown (main store is in the North End).

      1. You gotta love places like Rebecca's charging $7-$8 for a tuna sandwich.

        ahh yes. Whatever the market will support...

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          Guy Lesperance

          Used to work in Financial District until a few months ago. Loved having lunch in the cafeteria at the Fleet Bank corporate headquarter building on Federal Street. All kinds of good food to eat in or take out, quality stuff, good portions and the prices can't be beat. I really miss it now that I have to pay the ridiculous prices of Wellesley for average or mediocre food!!

          1. Did that sandwich place Cosi's (I think that was the name) close? I never got to try it and it sounded good, altho a bit expensive. Finally ran into one of their stores (the Financial District is like a maze to me) and it looked like it was no longer in business.

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              Win (Boston)

              Cosi's is not only open in the Financial District, but now has three locations a block or two each other. The first is at about 133 Federal, another at 53 State Street on the Congress Street side and the third on Milk Street at Devonshire.