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Jun 27, 2001 05:42 PM

Chowhounders' rec's for South Shore restaurants

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New Yorker for 25 years, returning to the Scituate, place of my childhood, for the month of August. In tow will be my 6 y/o chowhound son and foodie wife. We'd like some rec's for breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurants in the South Shore. Standard fare and not-so-standard fare rec's welcome(is there more than fish and fries on the South Shore now???).

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  1. There's a restaurant in Scituate called P.J.'s. I've been there several times (though admittedly not for a few years) and was never disappointed. My father, who thought that enjoying food was somehow sacreligious, thought it was excellent. The menu has a variety of dishes; fish, beef, and even wienerschnitzel. Also, Mill Wharf is right on Scituate Harbor. It's always crowded, but the food is very good, and the view of the harbor is nice. They also have an outdoor deck where you can eat, drink, and watch the boats go in and out of the harbor. There's also Siro's in Hingham, which is very good. The menu is Italian, and the servings are quite generous. It's a little more expensive, but I don't feel that it's overpriced for the quality and quantity. It's one of 3 restaurants owned by the same person (the others are in Quincy on Marina Bay and Braintree). If you're a dog lover, you must patronize this restaurant. The owner donates one of her restaurants, including all the food and wine, every year to hold fundraisers for local dog shelters.

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    1. re: Teddi
      Jake, a summer vacationer in Scituate, MA

      Thanks for the rec's. Actually, the first place you mention, PJ's, was a fave of my parents, and I even worked there as a lad. Back then it was considered the creme de la creme -- the place to be seen, though looking back, basic in the cuisine dept.

      We will put on our list a new millenium visit to PJ's, The Mill Wharf and your other suggestion, Siros.

      If others are reading this and would like to reply, I'd certainly like to know if there are any ethnic specialities besides Italian (Asian, Portugese, Cuban, Mexican, and the like) in the area.

      Also, any greasy lobster shacks out there for twin boiled lobstas and fried clams?

      Thanks again!

      1. re: Jake, a summer vacationer in Scituate, MA

        There is an Asian restuarant in South Braintree Square called Cafe Asiana. It has gotten good reviews, so my husband and I went last week. It was excellent, and reasonably priced. It's very small, and the atmosphere is not special, but the food was very good and the service pleasant.

        1. re: Teddi

          For a good, inexpensive breakfast, I really like Stars in Hingham. They also have great burgers and chowda, for lunch or dinner. Always busy, but the food is good, reasonably priced, and I love any place that uses fiesta ware!

          Jakes Seafood in Hull has good food (I prefer it to the Hingham Bay Club) and their planked salmon is totally YUMMY. Mostly seafood though. For the best fish and chips around, try the Hingham Lobster Pound on 3A in Hingham -- take out only.

          My favorite place to eat on the South Shoah is Saporitos, also in Hull. Every meal I've eaten there makes me want to cry, it tastes so wonderful. The portions are huge, the service pleasant, and yes, the booths are teeny. Make a reservation in advance though, and I'm not sure about a 6-year-old, although the place is pretty laid back.

          There is a little Thai place in Hingham on North Street that has great curries and Pad Thai --- not a lot of atmosphere, good prices, nice people.

          And don't forget Nana's ice cream, a new place, also in Hingham down from the movie theatre, the best butter pecan, hands down.

          1. re: Guinevere
            Jake, a summer vacationer in Scituate, MA

            Thanks again Chowhound community for the South Shoah suggestions.

            Through word of mouth, we heard of another place with French cuisine, Le Petit Paris, located in Scituate Harbor. The recommendation came from an old friend, who is a South Shoah local and transplant from Europe. She commented that the food is very good and the menu is authentically French. Unfortunately, she maintains that the service is tres snobbish, which is typical of the French, but unusual to me when the restaurant is on foreign soil(and in Scituate of all places).

            I'd like to see how other Chowhounders weigh in on the cuisine and the style of service; whether it is worth the effort.

            We are enjoying our Chowhound experience. Keep up the good feedback!

            1. re: Jake, a summer vacationer in Scituate, MA

              Hands down, bar none- Saporito's is the best restaurant on the South Shore. Andy and MaryAnne, the proprietors, are some of the finest culinary talent in New England, never mind the South Shore or Boston. You will not be dissapointed.

              P.J's and the Mill Wharf are old school, two for one special, SAFE, dining experiences. Will you be having the Baked Schrod or the Steak Tips tonight kinda joints.

              Petite Paris? You should go just for the fun of it. The food is very good, owner chef, but the entertainment value is in the dining room, owner-wife-dining room manager. It is a "What? am I on candid-camera?" kind of experience. Ask if the veal is milk fed. I dare you.

              Further afield, Caffe Bella in Randolph is a MONSTER restaurant. Cuisine, Wine List, Service, Atmosphere, Bella has it going on all cylinders.

              Tosca and Fireking in Hingam are also pretty good.

              Have a good time when you are back in town.


              1. re: John

                I totally disagree with your review on Caffe Bella in Randolph. The food was mediocre at best (and expensive) and the atmosphere and service was horrible. The server and manager were extremely rude and nasty, as well as arrogant. I will not be returning to Caffe Bella in the future - that will be my one and only visit.

      2. re: Teddi

        I have been going to P. J's since they first opened. During all the many visits we made I have only found 2 things which weren't excellent, the first was the coffee and when we mentioned this to our waitress many years ago, they did indeed, take out comments to heart and improved the quality of their coffee. Now, the only fault we find is with the quality of their popovers. They are really not worth eating. They don't use enough eggs and use too much flour. Also they over cook them. I mentioned this a couple of times but haven't noticed a change. Popovers should be made and served immediately. I have the feeling that they are made ahead and then reheated. I love P. J's and will continue to dine there as often as possible. But I do wish they would either eliminate the popovers or make better ones.