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Jun 27, 2001 01:18 PM

Fried Clams et al- mostly North Shore

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Ive always liked the Clam Box in Ipswich. Had them again. They offer native and strip. had native. i still think they have the best raw material ove ever had in fried clams, not rubbery, etc. but their batter is not the greatest.

Farnham's in Essex had good clams, more rubbery perhaps, but a superior batter. Maybe one of the best. And the lobster rolls looked tasty too. And i like sitting on the edge of the marsh, chowing down.

The cupboard in Gloucester didnt have a veyr good batter...didnt care for it...

Tried that clam shack in Hull near pemberton terminal where the long wharf ferry goes. its a "snack bar" decent batter, disgusting clams that day.

The heavy rain that hit the area that week wiped clams out of a few places for a day or two...

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  1. Sorry to hear that the clam shack out by Pemberton has deteriorated, That place got my brother and I through many a "hard day" of fishing! ;-)

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      it may have been a bad day....their batter was was two full days after a torrential rain storm-presumably enough time to get clams goin again...but who knows what they used that day.

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        See my other message about Dube's in Salem. People come from all over to try their fried clams. A real hidden jewel!

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      Phil Kalinowsky

      I'd recommend two out of the way places, both in Salem MA.

      The first is Dubee's. It used to be a bar a LONG time ago and started serving fried seafood on weekends now it serves every day. Only about 15-20 tables and always a line on weekends but worth the wait. The clams are always golden brown and lots of them

      The send place is Bob's on Highland Ave. From the outside you'd just drive by but he Clams are great. Gpr about $6 you can get a lunch special that's a small plate of clams and fries -- or you can got for the bigger dinner plate.

      These two places are the best clams around!