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Jun 27, 2001 01:11 PM

Sandwiches- Cambridge. Cardullo's, hi-rise, etc

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Hi-rise Bakery on Concord:
Their sandwiches are sort of not entirely traditional- a wide variety, a few sound unappealing to me. A couple were tasty, a couple fell flat. overall okay....not cheap, like NY sandwich prices. As i said, im very mixed on hi-rise. btw, absolutely abysmal iced coffee. they put tap water in a cup with ice, then throw in a few shots of not so well made espresso.

Cardullo's, Harvard Square
wide variety of sandwiches, not so well put together. not cheap. overall this place is badly overpriced, but they do have a great selection of dutch licorice, at normal prices. When they wanted 89 cents for a Perugina Bacio, i blinked...theyre 50 cents or 3 for a dollar at korean delis in NY...i guess theyve got the captive harvard market...

Buongustaio- way out on Huron Avenue:
a cheap dumpy pizzeria and sandwich shop. he uses pretty bad and tasteless bread, but the insides are decent and for $4.50 i got better tomatoes & mozzarella than cardullo's at $6.95. No mayo here the guy told somebody ordering a sandwich. They work fast too. The pizza however, looks old as the hills.

surprisingly formaggio kitchens sandwiches were not that expensive, although the tuna was pretty damned dry.

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  1. The best sandwich I have ever eaten in Boston is from the original Il Panino on Parmenter Street in the North End. It's called, appropriately enough, the "Il Panino". A fresh italian roll layered with proscuitto di parma, buffalo mozzarella, plum tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, and drizzled with evoo. Divine! I wish I had one right now.

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    1. re: Rumcoconuts

      i tried to try that place..big lines by 12 noon.

      just like galleria umberto pizza. i got there at 11:25 am and there was a huge line (admittedly a friday.) i waited ten minutes for two slices. the line was twice as large when i left. but those guys dont hustle all that well. as a slightly impatient NYer i was wondering what the hell they were doin!!!

      1. re: fusilli

        Woah! You stood in line at Galleria Umberto and only got slices of pizza? My friend, I think you missed out on the really good stuff which is their calzones and panzarotti. If my memory is correct, the calzones are $2.30, and the panzarotti are 80ยข. Even though you seemed to like the pizza, these items are miles ahead. The arancini and panini are also quite good. As for your impatience, you just need to accept it as old world charm--there's only two guys working the counter (not counting the old woman who sits in the corner back there). It's also what makes the food there so good.

        As for Il Panino, I like three sanwiches: the panino (the prosciutto, mozarella, basil), the maiale (roast pork with a lot of rosemary flavor), and the melanzane (baked eggplant with mozarella -- better than the fried versions you get everywhere else). OK, the sausage and rape (that's the broccoli, not the felony) is also good.

        1. re: Eric Eto

          THE SLICES were only 80 cents also.

          arancini i only eat at my brother's mother-in-law's house-- unbelievable.

          i wanted a lite, early lunch that day, but next time ill try other stuff


    2. Check out Bob's Foods in Medford Square. They have some of the best sandwiches around. We are not talking about fancy sandwiches with goat cheese and brie. Good old sub shop favorites like Steak Bombs, Chicken Cutlets, and a fantastic imported italian cold cut, They are reasonably priced and exceedingly high quality, they also have fantastic steak fries.

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        1. re: Matt

          I am not a huge fan of Bob's Sandwiches. I would go to La Casias right down the street. Bob's does sell a good Marinated Pork tip that you can cook up on the grill,it makes for a good chow session,but the Sandwiches are not high on my list,but that is just me.

        2. If you are willing to drive a while, Waverly Market in Framingham is a hidden gem for sandwiches. Behind a fairly plain storefront (currently being renovated), lies an Italian deli that beats the pants off of Il Panino. Awesome cold cuts, but most importantly amazing homemade hot sandwiches . Eggplant parmigan, Meatball, and Roast Pork Loin just to name 3. I used to work near there, and I gained five pounds eating there on a regular basis! Very friendly also, and they have great freshmade takeout pasta.