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Jun 27, 2001 10:54 AM


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Where can one get a steak and cheese sub in the Boston area. Ive heard that there is a good place in Waltham or Woburn but forgot the name of the place.

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  1. Carls's on Prospect St. used to be absolutley AMAZING. Haven't been in a couple of years myself, but know others who still swear by the place.

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    1. re: Alan H

      Sorry, that's in Waltham.

        1. re: HaH
          Poops Rodriguez

          hands down it has to be South End Cafe in Woburn. Located on Main Street. Not only are the subs HUGE. The quality is superior. Definitely a must try. Only open til 3 pm.

          1. re: Poops Rodriguez

            EVERYTHING at the South End Cafe in Woburn is delicious. Plus...they'll fax you a menu of their daily specials!

            1. re: Jean

              Try Cheddars in Fresh Pond Cambridge. Many other good things too.

    2. The Best Steak & Cheese can be found at Toody's in Wakefield, MA, 109 Water Street. (Closed for vacation 7/2 - 7/15/01.

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        I would never eat at Toody's. I called to place an order once and they put me on hold. After I was on hold for five minutes I was disconnected. I live in the area, so I drove down the street and THEY WERE CLOSED! Why the person who answered the phone didn't tell me they were closing in 5 mins. is beyond me.

      2. If you like your steak shaved, Tom's in Auburndale(Newton) is better than average. The Cherry Tree in West Newton center (Rt. 16) features actual steak tips that make a very pleasant sandwich (the onion rings are good as well). Now if someone could clue me in on somewhere to get a good steak and cheese in Quincy!

        1. Try Bob's Food in Medford. See the above post regarding sandwiches.

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            Scott mccarrick

            3D's in everett square