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Jun 26, 2001 04:38 PM


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Ate at Clio, on Mass & Commonwealth...

A very good experience.

The decor is upscale, however a lot stiffer than i like. suitable for being in a hotel.

The service was great, even inspired at first, but they had some problems after our main course arrived. A credit card machine broke, a big big group came in late, etc..and none of the other waiters helped out. after 25 minutes, i called someone over to clear our plates away..oh well, accidents happen but otherwise, our waiter was great. knoweldgable about the food & wine, enthusiastic, helpful, gave me tastes of 2 wines to decide which ...there was a vivid contrast between the care we received here and the lack of care at Rialto.

had a great lobster dish....had pretty good duck, but weve had better elsewhere...the appetizer was great but i can no longer remember what it was!!!!

we didnt eat desert becasue we already had been there for 2 1/4 hours & i was tired of sitting.

Overall, very good...

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  1. Kudos for you to see the reality of a place and forgive a bad moment!

    1. ate at clio's a few months ago. i was not impressed. the place was dark and stuffy, couldn't see my food. service was very good, i'll admit, but the food quality for the outrageous price falls far short of expectations. in short, the food was lousy and the prices were unreasonable.

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        strange...the place is stuffy...i agree...but not in the slighest bit dark. comfortable temperature wise too.