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Jun 26, 2001 03:10 PM

Lobster Rolls

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Tried Big Papa in Beverly, as well as the waterfront deli right around the corner from it. Big Papa uses awful bread. Like supermarket italian bread and throws lobster on it asks ya if u want lettuce or mayo.

The lobster was tender and great. As a sandwich not the best.

The waterfront deli-- not so great but accepatble.

Theres a little portugese place in Gloucester on the water- good lobster rolls. Good french fries too. They get those sardines once a week from portugal too.

Tried another place in Rockport, a fish store in pigeon cove on the water. Terrible unless you eat gallons of mayonnaise by the spoon.

My favorite lobster rolls are still in Maine.

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  1. Best lobster rolls on the north shore are at the Lobster Pool in Rockport.....

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      !!!ill try it.

    2. the clam box had an ok lobster roll too...
      but lousy onion rings.

      1. I had a similar experience at Big Papa's. Bigger is not necessarily better. And the lobster meat was pretty dry the day I was there.

        Across the way, however, is Rowand Seafood, a fish store where I got a quite decent lobster roll just last week. They have them available pre-made to go most summer days, but that time they were out of them and made mine fresh.

        The best I've found in the Boston area was at the Seafood Depot in West Medford. I haven't been there in a year or so, but they fix their rolls just the way I like them -- tasty lobster meat mixed with celery and mayo on a grilled hot dog bun.

        1. Had a great Lobster Roll at the Essex Clam House in Essex, went for the Clam Rolls, loved the Lobster Roll.
          The roll aspect was mediocre but the lobster succulent and bursting with fresh briny sweetness. If they got together with F.T. Farnham who sports great rolls, this would be heaven on Cape Anne, but where in Maine should I search out?