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Jun 26, 2001 11:47 AM

Peach Farm Seafood- Boston Chinatown

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A typical chinatown restaurant, on the smaller side...did not have a good meal.

The crowd- all chinese families except for 3 people and then a tabel of studenty-looking folks walked in when we were leaving. My dinner companion that night was chinese, im not.

Live seafood tanks, very unhappy looking fish, although better than East Ocean City's tanks.

I had shrimp with cashews and vegetables. The shrimp was not prime quality. The cashews were downright nasty...old as the damned hills, light as air and all dried out. The Yee Mein noodles in a pot were okay, but not great.

The fried bean curd with vegetables...well the sauce was ok...the veggies so-so. But the bean curd was either old when it was fried, or it was fried a long time was completely dried out on the inside- bad texture, not much taste...

the chinese families were mainly eating lobster and big fish and meat dishes. Maybe this stuff is better. BUT they obviously dont mind using crappy old ingredients on some dishes. Maybe, maybe they can produce a winning dish or three, but i doubt they have an underlying eye for making good food.

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    galley girl(leslie)

    Notice the name is Peachfarm SEAFOOD...I have been there repeated times, and I sing their praises...It has a great reputation among many Asians I've talked to, including owners of a competing seafood restauran,tho not directly, because they're not right in Chinatown....They DO really shine on seafood. I had the best oysters with black bean sauce of my life there...And I have had one of those fab lobsters!! My unadventurous boyfriend insisted on having chicken wings for an appetizer,(I was SO embarassed...) and he thought they were great....The only thing we didn't like was the scallops in pepper sauce, too goopey, but I figured that was a bad choice before we got it---sounded too Western.(.But I occassionally have to put my know-it-all characteristics aside in the cause of relationship harmony..)
    It sounds like you hit them on a really bad night---and ALL restaurants have them.....Try them again, and stick to the authentic Chinese and seafood dishes....Oh man, they even have peapod stems with garlic and duck eggs...Don't miss out!!

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    1. re: galley girl(leslie)

      i did have seafood....
      two out of three dishes....

      but no, i didnt have "big" seafood...

      i appreciate your info....but the really old cashews and the not fresh fried tofu worry me....

      but ok....

      1. re: Fusilli

        Try the fresh boiled shrimp, fresh scallops(in shell), steamed sea bass and the pea pod stems. The fried flounder looks good but I've never tried it. Also try to go on the days the seafood arrives - Tuesdays and Thursdays I believe.

        1. re: Jonny Quest

          You read my mind. All those dishes are done well at Peach Farm. I think Fusilli just got the wrong stuff there. Then again, it did take me a few visits to hone down to the good stuff.

          1. re: Eric Eto

            I agree with you. Fusilli's order didn't play to the restaurant's strong suit - FRESH seafood. He does make a point though, there are a number of dishes on the menu that they don't put enough of an effort into. The trick here is to stick with what they make really well (the small chef's specials menu is a good sign post for those who aren't in the know) and forget the rest.

            1. re: Jonny Quest

              ok my order didnt play to the place's strong suits. but as you noted, it took you guys a couple of shots to figure out the best stuff.

              i find this is a problem with chinese restaurants often though, and i usually eat in them with someone who is passable in chinese language. they may do a few great dishes, but they may also do crap...

              when exploring these places, even if u miss the great dishes, it would be better if you didnt stumble into awful....but agian, i find this is often the case in chinese places.

              maybe because they all try to do too much

              1. re: Fusilli

                Actually I got it right the first time. There was a 15 minute wait for a table so I chatted with the owner. I asked her what she recommended and she offered to order for me. Everything was delicious.

                1. re: Jonny Quest

                  i meant eric eto ...sorry

                  1. re: fusilli

                    Peach Farm is currently my favorite Chinatown restaurant. I say currently, because a certain chef can make or break a restaurant in Chinatown, and if that chef jumps ship, the food can change drastically. I was frequenting Asian Garden for a few years and Grand Chau Chau before that. Now it's Peach Farm

                    We usually order 90% seafood at Peach Farm. When in get the picture. If you see an interesting dish going to a table of Asian diners, point to it ask what it is. The staff appreciates adventurous Americans.I agree that the menu is varied and non seafood dishes maybe weak. The same problem applies in American seafood restaurants. They may have have steak or chicken on the menu, but it's usually a mistake to order it.

                    The oysters or clams in black bean sauce are wonderful. The salt and pepper fried squid is to die for and the lobster with ginger and scallion is,imho, the best in Chinatown. Roast duck and beef with Chinese broccoli are usually the only non seafood dishes that we order and they are good. Not great, but good.

                    Has anybody tried Big Fish(I think that's the name) where Golden Palace used to be(aka Bob Lee's)? Has anyone tried Ho Yen Tieng since it reopened?

    2. It is a very strange place. Went there for a quick dinner and wished I was with the Asian party that seemed to know what to order, but alas I don't read chinese to know the really cool stuff to order.

      I returned for a quick lunch. Ordered a chicken lunch special. The hot and sour soup was pretty good, the entree was inedible. Took one bite of something unrecognizable as chicken, which I have eaten my whole life. Was it thigh have no idea but I left money on the table and left for good. No matter how great their seafood may be, if you can't serve a simple chicken dish that seems in any way like chicken....well enough said!

      1. A friend recently brought me the leftovers of a spinach dish from Peach Farm. It looked beutiful--bright green lightly sauteed greens in sauce--but tasted downright nasty. The sauce was suspiciously reminiscent of WD40. Since I was starved, I ate it anyway. I was ill the next day. Eat at your own risk.