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Jun 26, 2001 11:39 AM

Sun's Cafe- Cambridge

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went to sun's cafe, mass ave, in cambridge.

This is a Korean restaurant that has almost no Korean food on the menu. They do pad thai, they do sushi, they do other stufff...and a few korean items.

The Bi Bim Bap was good, with a LOT of vegetables, although it could have been hotter (i did have it in the hot pot, & it still was not hot enough)

The steamed tofu was ok. not great but ok

The pad thai was awful. Prepared badly, and some not so fresh ingredients in there.

This place is cheap, a hole in the wall. I would only go if i lived neear Porter Square, and i think i would stick only to the handful of Korean stuff.

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  1. You should have tried Koreana. The soon tofu chigay (sp?) is very good. Arrives bubbling in a stone soup bowl.

    The sushi isn't as interesting as other places I could name but the Korean food is very good.

    1. I wouldn't go so far and call it a "hole in the wall." I particularly enjoy the clean, cafe-like atmosphere. There are large windows in the front and magazines strewn about for folks to read.

      The bi-bim-bap is definitely summery. I wouldn't recommend that kind of bi-bim-bap in a hot-pot. That's not what it's for.

      The bul-go-gi in the bi-bim-bap is also prepared healthily, too. It's not over-greased. My mom sometimes makes it this way, which is probably by cooking it in water and not in oil and its own fat.

      The goo-chu-jang hot sauce is also kinda more on the yummy side there. Light and sweet.

      The hai-dup-bap is also good for all of the reasons above.

      I geuss I would consider the folks at Sun's cafe more like "chefs" instead of "cooks"--they make the food the way they'd want it made and maybe not the way other people want it, or expect it to be.

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      1. re: paul

        i thought the bi bim bap was actually ok....ive eaten them in a lot of places in NY & this was okay by comparison..not stellar, but i like the generous veggies.

        the place is like a little coffee shop....its got 5 tables, maybe 6...

        it was the pad thai that was nasty.....and i reaffirm their menu is only maybe 1/4 korean....

      2. Well-
        First - I must agree with Paul-
        Sun's is NOT a hole in the wall! Please! It is a small, charming cafe style room. Much like places in Asia. It is also easy to see from the road and clean.
        Maybe this is surprising but lots of folks I know think of Sushi first [Korean second] when they think of Sun's cafe.
        Their sushi is very fresh tasting and high quality.
        All their food is beautifully presented.
        And added bonus- healthy too! They use less oil etc than most places.
        Icing on the cake: Great prices!
        Pleasant staff.
        'Nuff said!

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        1. re: Miiki

          well it doesnt surprise me they think of sushi first..they only have 4 or 5 korean dishes on the menu.

 hole in the wall...i didnt say sun's was a dump. but it is a tiny eatery with plain decor, set up like a coffee shop cafe, with less than 20 seats located on a lightly traveled section of MAss Avenue, 1/2 mile away from any "T" stations....

          that qualifies as a hole in the wall in my book. no reflection on cleanliness or quality implied by that statement.

          i already gave my opinion of the food

          1. re: fusilli


            Do you visit Boston frequently?

            When I responded to your post I didn't realize you were from NYC. Then I read your reply to someone else re: your 2 week whirlwind gig of Boston chow joints.

            I wouldn't mind a two weeking eating gig in NYC sometime! I know there are a ton of fab place there- much more to choose from and better hours to say the least-

            I agree with Johnny Quest- your fellow NYCer-
            I came here 2 decades ago and in that time, a lot has changed. For the better with the exception of a lot of little cool hole in the wall eateries being pushed out by gentrification blah blah- you know the rap. Same as everywhere.


            Are you

            1. re: Miiki

              well...ive visited boston a bunch of times in the last year..maybe 4 other occassions, plus the two weeks for business. this is likely to continue.

              im pretty familiar with the "lay of the land" there. but it was a great opportunity to sniff around -especially if eating every meal out for two weeks!!

              ill probably be up there again next month or in early september for 3 days

              i agree with you on the things disappearing...not that i mind pricey places if done right. one thing about NY, though...there's just more of everything here, including bad food too!!