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Jun 24, 2001 12:13 AM

Corned Beef Hash and Bisquits and Gravy

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Where in Boston area can you get real home cooking CBH and Bis and Gr? So far my fav on Bis and Gr is the Maine Diner. Searching for CBHash that is homemade, not out of a can and fried to heavenly crisp. Anyone?

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  1. Homemade hash with dropped eggs at Buddy's Truck Stop on Washington Street in Somerville. But you'll have to wait until September. Buddy's closes for the summer smonths.

    1. The best place that I've seen so far for southern style food is the Sunday Brunch at the house of blues...ANYTHING that you can think of...eggs any styles, good biscuits & gravy, hash, fried veggies...just to name a few and the grits are pretty good for this area...!