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Jun 24, 2001 12:08 AM


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Since we're in season for this kind of eating, who has been here? what are your thoughts? and where else would you recommend for lobster in the rough with great steamers, fried clams etc in the greater boston area?

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    Fish heads and rice

    I found the place to be overpriced.You would be better off going to hte North Shore to Ipswich or Essex.And of course there is the coast of Maine.Legal forget it unless youve got the bosses credit card.

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    1. re: Fish heads and rice

      obviously youd be better off in the north shore or Maine. That wasnt my point. if you worked all day in downtown boston or cambridge or somerville or arlington or anywhere within ten miles, its 7 pm on a tuesday and you want that kind of food, then summer shack is a good bet, even if its overpriced.

      and i wouldnt go to legal seafood even with my boss' credit card if i had another option

      1. re: Fusilli

        Best lobster locally, go to Pearl's 1495 Hancock St. in Quincy. Take the red line to Quincy Center. Walk out to street, 150 yards on the right. Great food, five bux less per entree than any place in immediate Boston/Cambridge area, and FRIENDLY!

    2. Have you tried Woodman's in Essex? Their fried clams are outstanding...fried in pure lard and worth every calorie and clogged artery. Also, good chowder and choose 'em, they cook 'em.
      The lines are long and it is a little pricey, but not Summer Shack pricey. No Jasper sightings but still terrific.