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Jun 13, 2001 10:09 PM

blue ginger - a little disappointing

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was totally pumped about gong to bg this weekend... have to admit that i was a bit disappointed in the overall dining experience. the food itself was decent (particularly the entrees - the apps were overpriced and bland, particularly the calamari), but the overall decor was cheesy for lack of a better word. considering the prices, i was just looking for the overall experience. we did run into ming tsai - which is nice to see that he still oversees the kitchen...

folllowing night got sushi at fugakyu which rocked - obviously completely different types of restaurants and food - but the whole experience (food, decor, price) was amazing.

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  1. imho, place is just plain old mediocre, if not less!- had conversatons with Ming, b/4 we ate and got dissappointed, imho, he's also less than mediocre/gracious, etc. this is quite a hoax/ming & blue ginger imho-ciao

    1. I've never been to BG, but I second your approval of Fugakyu - great sushi! Sunday nights are best - the sushi chef offers specials which aren't normally on the menu.

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        sunday nights and sushi

        Those Sunday night specials are because they're trying to clean out their weekend stock of fish for Monday's delivery. Sunday night fish has been around since Friday.

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          Not here. One of the owner's sons is the sushi chef on Sunday nights and prepares more exotic sushi not offered on the regular menu.

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            I think Calvin Trillin wrote that one should never order seafood on Monday (I would include Sunday) in a restaurant that you did not know and trust.

            Also important is the Trillan advice to never eat in a restaurant that REVOLVES on the top of an office tower or EVER on a Saturday Night.