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Jun 12, 2001 01:34 PM

Woodman's in Essex

  • k

Can anyone tell me whether Woodman's is as good as I've been told? I'm looking for top notch seafood way up north of Boston. Thanks.

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  1. Look down the board just a little'll find a long discussion on the demise of Woodman's. It has been very disappointing lately. And the lobster prices are ridiculously expensive.

    Try the Clambox in Ipswich or Farnum's in Essex for good fried clams.

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    1. re: Rumcoconuts

      I agree with everyone try Clam box on Route 133 in
      Ipwich---GREAT Clams - if the line is too long Try
      the White Cap also on route 133 in Ipswich. Both great. Clam box is a little better.

    2. sorry they lost it

      1. 100 times better than Woodman's is The Clam Box in Ipswich, right down the road.

        1. Check out The Village Restaurant right down the street from Woodman's. Nice Fisherman's Platter.