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Jun 10, 2001 02:41 PM

Fish Tacos

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Any thoughts as to where great fish tacos (they are popular in California) are available? Anywhere on the south shore?

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  1. i had one i think at cheescake factory, not great but not horrible...nothing like the ones i had in La Jolla tho...

    1. Fish Tacos? In Massachusetts?



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        My sentiments exactly. Still laughing.

        1. re: Eric Eto

          Could someone describe the perfect fish taco to me, a perpetual easterner who has never seen one? How is the fish cooked? What kind of fish, and what else is in it? What kind of taco shell?

          1. re: ironmom

            Fish tacos are typical of the Baja/Ensanada area of Mexico. The most ubiquitous version (in LA at least) is a fried hunk of a white fish (halibut, I think), with cabbage, cilantro/onion, a dash of salsa, and topped with crema. I've had these at various hole-in-the-wall stands and at car washes (an LA thing). The quality varies from very fresh to frozen fish stick a la Gorton's (Gloucester style perhaps?). There are also the grilled variety a la Señor Fish (a local LA chain) where you can find other kinds of fish (mahi mahi, salmon, swordfish, tuna -- you get it, any kind of firm-fleshed fish). Ceviche is the other specialty of this area; a fish taco and a ceviche tostada make a pretty satisfying combo. These and a drink will normally set me back $7.

            There are other preparation for fish (Yucatan, Veracruz, etc.) whose style you're more likely to find at places like Olé Grille. These can be equally tasty, but as a category, they aren't fish tacos. Finally, please, oh please, don't call them "taco shells". Tacos always come wrapped in warmed tortillas (hideously called soft-shells), unless the whole thing is softly fried (as they do in Mexico to kill off any stray bacteria or microbes). Hope this helps.

            1. re: Eric Eto

              There is nothing as delicious as fish tacos on the beach in Mexico. Actually, my favorite are fish tostadas, with the tortilla golden fried in manteca (that's Mexican for "lard")

              1. re: jj

                I am so hungry now! I can remember these terrific fish epanadas I had for breakfast in venezuela.

            2. re: ironmom

              Read this Month's issue of Saveur Magazine for a whole article on the fish taco.

              1. re: Jonny Quest

                We're talking about this article right now on the San Francisco Bay Area Board, link below.


          2. re: JJ

            You got that right!

          3. I believe there are some at the cheesecake factory. I also think there are some at Ole mexican grille, or at least I had a fish burrito/enchilada-something or other, which was excellent by the way....

            1. I have had a pretty decent one at Jambalaya (a chain) but it's a little different, made with catfish and fried with corn meal breading. The best one I've ever had, and which has made me search out the fish tacos in NE, is at Cactus Jack's in Manchester, New Hampshire - a bit of a haul though! It's the closest to what you describe.