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Jun 9, 2001 09:14 AM

Taqueria Mexicana in Waltham

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Dined here last night at Carolyn's suggestion (see Guatamalan thread below). Very good! I had the carne asada, which was served with good homemade guacamole. The beef was very, very tender. We also ordered banana milkshakes, which came with nutmeg on top (yummy!). The place was packed on a Friday night, but we snagged seats outside on their patio, as it was a perfect summer evening. I have to say, however, that their refried beans cannot hold a candle to those at Mi Tierra (which I raved about on here last week!).

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  1. So glad to hear that someone followed a suggestion of mine! I agree with you about the beans. I must say that I am also not all that fond of the rice on occasion. I have to go to Mi Tierra again soon.

    By the way, and speaking of Waltham. I did go to Ritcey's seafood a couple of weeks ago as suggested by many on the list. It was so great! Delicious chowder (nice and thin the way I like it). Also loved the coleslaw. I went to Ocean Reef Seafood last week in Somerville and it was nowhere nearly as good. Flavorless steamers and they put all of the fried clams on top of the french fries which ends up making the french fries extras greasy and soggy (a personal peeve of mine).

    1. Went back to Mi Tierra last night and it was so good. I had cheese pupusas (I didn't find them rubbery at all and the person I was with who normally finds pupusas to be rather bland and gross actually loved them), fried plantains, rice, beans for dinner. For an appetizer we had the fried bamboo with tortilla. What a strange ropy texture but really very good. You are right about those beans. They sort of scared me at first with their strange almost pasty texture, but so delicious!