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Jun 7, 2001 08:45 PM


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does anyone know of any decent places to get late breakfast or lunch in these places.

im thinking sandwich shops, good delis, maybe a good diner or two, etc...not dinner or long sit down lunch type places.

ive been to lexington a few times-the places i tried (not that many tho') didnt suck, but werent particularly good either....

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  1. There's a deli in Woburn (with a branch on the middlesex tpke in Bulington) called David's which makes an interesting lunch. They run these lunch delis in addition to a catering business. It's pretty straightforward fare, but they have some creatively constructed trendy sandwiches (cripsy duck wrap with spring onions is good).

    Also in Burlington one the good places is Pizzeria Presti, which is in that shopping area where Tower and Newbury Comics are. They have the best pizza I found in the area while I was temporarily living in Burlington. Great for a quick lunch.

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    1. re: Alex Nauda

      imho, have had food from davids probably 20 times, imho it is mediocre at best, yet it is one of the better places of its kind in the area, sorry to say(imho)

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        Thanks...."stationed" there for two weeks....i never expect much in whats essentially an extended office park

        thanks again

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        chris van leer

        Gourmet Kitchen is a great place to get a sandwich. It is strictly pick-up, no place to sit. Their famous sandwich is the Turkey Terrific. All fresh ingredients and their sides are very good.

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            Gourmet Kitchen is on Bedford street in Lexington( Rt4/225 exit off route 128/95.) It is about one mile from the exit on the left side. The owners are French (or used to be - haven't been there in five years) - this explains the food quality.