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Jun 6, 2001 11:57 AM

Penang Malaysia

  • j

Has anybody checked out this Malaysian place on Kneeland street in boston? I'm particularly interested in trying "Laksa" - it's described in an NYtimes article today:

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  1. w
    Win (Boston)

    Penang Malasian Cuisine is not on Kneeland Street. It is located at 685 Washington Street.

    1. I was there once and really liked it. Food was good and it's a fun place. Don't know that dish tho.

      1. I've been to Penang 4 or 5 times, and i really like it..Very good food, and a more fun scene than you usually find in any ethnic restuarant known for its FOOD. I tend to go more simple, and i adore their malaysian homestyle steamed fish---lots of garlic and cilantro, less soy than a typical Chinese steamed fish dish. also, the samsung beluchan(i could DEFINITELY have that a litle wrong!!!) is a fabulous Malaysian vegetable, similar to watercress, done with garlic...I also had a raw fish with peanut sauce off the appetizer menu that was fun..There are a few veggie dishes with fermented shrimp or fish paste that the wait-staff will warn you against if you're a white girl like me, but go for it, cuz hey, you're a chowhound!! They're great!!