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Jun 5, 2001 05:14 PM


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A friend raved about the former Division 16, now called Barcode. I went but my two friends (both computer people in their late 20's early, 30's) and I were turned away and told that they only serve a higher class of people, and that we should shuffle off to Dads!

Anyone have an arguements for why I should return to this haven of snobbery? Did we perchance happen on the one bouncer who believes he's in a position to make such statements?

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  1. Excuse me for sounding naive but isn't that illegal? My decendents used to deal with "Irish need not apply." Have we not come a long way since then? Or maybe not. There are laws against discrimination.

    1. What did he actually say? Did someone have holes in his pants or something? I ate there once, it was on the early side and no one seemed to be paying much attention as to who came in or carding anyone. It was before they made a change in chef and style and was fine, altho I had a bad reaction from either the tuna or mussels (which they say didn't happen to anyone else but I had an allergy test after and everything was fine). In any case, I can't imagine anyone saying something like that unless you're wearing torn jeans and stinky sneakers at the Ritz.


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        He said, "We only serve a higher-class of people than you. You should go to Dad's where you will fit in better." We were all dressed to go out for the night and had gone to a few nice places in the south end. We're all in our early 30's, educated, professionals, clean, etc. I think it's discriminatory too. I used to work in a bar and have some understanding of the industry. Typically, people have a dress code because they are trying to discourage people from particular groups from entering based on stereotypes about how people dress. In the case of Barcodes, I guess they don't want computer types because that's what the majority of our group does for a living.

        1. re: Heather

          With all due respect, I'm sure most reading this are scratching their heads at your story. I really have a hard time believing that the well mannered, well dressed people you mentioned were turned away in the way you stated. You mentioned being discriminated against. For being computer workers? Why should profession factor into this at all? We've all come across bouncers and door-people in various places that are too cocky or arrogant but turning someone away and insulting them for no reason? I think there must be more to this story and your anger at the situation has obviously effected your version of events. I will not pass any judgement because I wasn't there but I know people at Barcode and they certainly don't make a habit of randomly running people off for no reason. In fairness to you, I am passing your posts on to the management there in the event that they have a "bad apple" working the door. If this has happened before it will give them the opportunity to fix the problem. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

          1. re: Joel

            I was scratching my head over the exact manner in which they reported being turned away, as well. And I was scratching my head even more that they'd consider returning. Methinks we're not getting the full/real story.

            1. re: Jim Leff

              I encourage you to pass this onto the manager. Your both welcome to ponder the validity of my claim. But I'm certainly not alone in the bad experience at Barcode category as evidenced by the message I found on another board from someone who actually did manage to get in.

              "I went to Barcode a few months ago and hated it! The bartender was the rudest woman I have ever met. When we were leaving, we paid with credit card and after about 10 minutes and still no sign f her, we finally flagged her down and she barked out at us that the machine was having problems (like this was somehow OUR fault). It was a nice place to sit after work, but with attitudes like that, I would rather sit on the corner of Bolyston St with a can of beer."

              1. re: Heather

                I passed on the postings to the manager at Barcode and he remembers the incident. He will be contacting you directly via e-mail.
                I then had dinner there and was very pleased. It's worth fighting your way past the beautiful people at the bar to get to the dining room. It's a very comfortable, stylish room unlike anything else in Boston. The food I found to be wonderful as well. The rabbit appetizer was hearty and delicious. The panache salad was very good too. For an entree I had the Steak Frites and was very pleased. Although the server described the menu as Mediterranean, it seemed mostly French influenced (the new chef is from L'espalier). The one dish that really stood out was the Chocolate Fondant. The best I've had in this country! As you can tell, I was delighted with my meal/experience. Don't let the bar's reputation keep you from getting to the dining room - it's worth it.

                1. re: Joel

                  You say the manager remembers THE INCIDENT and then go on to describe a dinner with which you were "very pleased" and "delighted".

                  I'm curious that your post provides no details about THE INCIDENT, which the manager remembers, and then waxes on about your dinner (which was NOT the point of the thread).

                  What, if anything, did you pay for this dinner?

                  1. re: Win (Boston)

                    Dear Win,

                    I chose not to include the details because I felt that this is between the manager and Heather.
                    Also - I did not receive nor do I receive any kickbacks in exchange for good reviews of restaurants.

          2. re: Heather
            Win (Boston)

            It is hard for me to believe that a host would be that candid, but if it were to happen, it would happen there. The law be damned.

            The host did you a favor BTW. You didn't miss a thing.