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Jun 3, 2001 12:24 PM

Guatamalan/El Salvadorean in Watham

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Went to Mi Tierra on Moody St. last night for dinner and what a delicious dinner it was! I have never had Guatamalan cuisine. Started off with piping hot pupusas filled with pork and cheese (could make a meal from these!). For an entree, had pork grilled with spices, grilled steak, rice, beans, salad and a tortilla. The beans were absolutely unlike any other "refried" beans I've had - the waitress said they are a specialty of the house, as they mash the beans by hand and do not use the canned variety. There is no liquor license, but the food is just so good! Reasonably priced, and the place was packed!

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  1. yes I love that place too. I had a strange vegetarian platter there that was absolutley delicious.

    Taqueria Mexicana in Waltham is also truly delicious. They make an awesome chile relleno and have all kinds of delicious quesadillas and if you are a meat eater (i am not) the menu is quite extensive. if you are a veg. there is still plenty and it is really good. they do have a liquor licence (at least for beer).

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      Is Taqueria Mexicana on a side street off Moody Street, close to the river (or lake,?)? I was lost one day and drove by it, thinking that it looked good, then forgot about it. Is it in a little house? Sounds great!

      1. re: Kitty

        Yes, it is in alittle house. I can never remmebr how to get there either--I always go with someone who definitively knows how to get there. It has a couple of outdoor tables and is very low-key/homey inside.

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        I was in Mi Tierra a couple of months ago and had one of their vegetarian platters. It featured these rubbery cheese pupusas that made me wonder what all the fuss over pupusas is about. But I remember the beans were ambrosial -- not an adjective I'd ordinarily apply to beans. And I liked everything else on the plate well enough. It was my first taste of Guatemalan cuisine also, and I enjoyed it enough to try it again but not (yet) to rave about it.

        1. re: C. Fox

          Oh my, you must have hit it on a bad pupusa day, because mine were definately not rubbery the other night. Give it another try! :)