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May 29, 2001 10:03 AM

Disappointed in Grill 23

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Spent a glorious Memorial Day weekend in Boston, but Grill 23 was not the high point we'd hoped for in anything but price. Our group of 8 was seated in a high-traffic area so I was constantly jostled by passing waitstaff, our waiter slapped down plates on top of silverware, couldn't remember who ordered what, forgot wine/coffee/dessert requests, and told me the soft-shell crabs were pan-fried when they were deep fried (and overcooked at that). All our food arrived at the table at room temp., including the mashed potato and steak. Our tourist lunch at Durgin Park was a much more pleasant experience, including the best clam chowder ever.

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  1. You're not alone. My husband and I have had the place on our list and he went on business and found it an awful disappointment. It's scratched off our list, as a waste of a good night out as well as a waste of hard earned money.