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May 24, 2001 07:46 AM

haidupbap in Boston (Korean food)

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I am a BIG FAN of Haidupbap, and am looking for suggestions for where the best is. Wuchon is good... others?

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  1. Hey, haidupbap is my idea of the perfect food. I've had the one at Wuchon, great seafood, but like many in the Boston area, boring vegetables. The only place I've found lately(since the late great Korea House in Brighton closed...) that had the same vegetables in the haidupbap as the bimbimbap, is surprising to say, Minato Sushi, a takeout sushi place in Brookline that does a "salmon, tuna or eel bibimbap", (I guess that's easier for us white folks to understand...)for $10.95!!!!A little lite on the fish, some days, but oh, those veggies!!! And some days, there's plenty of fish...Go figure!!! And Tuesday's is 15% off!!!