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May 24, 2001 05:07 AM

comming to boston to eat and party this weekend!

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I am comming to your fair city for a weekend of fun my thoughts on eating were Union oyster house, the no name rest. and legal seafood. I would love any input on other places ( i love seafood, Italian, and any ethnic places, blues, neat bars (i would like to try some good local pubs, etc. ) nothing to formal just funkey and GOOD, I am staying at the Miloner hotel and I am not getting a car (i will be relying on your notorious public transportation!!

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  1. If you would add Anthony's Pier 4 to the top of your list, you would have(in exact order) my list of the worst well-known restaurants in Boston.

    In fact, when strangers tell me of their plans to dine in Boston, I will only intrude with a strong negative opinion if they mention one of those restaurants. I try not to rain on a tourist's parade. But in the case of those restaurants, I must.

    Now, Tom, I'm begining to wonder if you are pulling our leg. Frankly, the Milner falls into the same category as to hotels.

    I hope you will look around this board to find some better restaurant ideas. As to the Milner, I suppose it is too late, but you really should try to change it if you can. There is a reason for the low price in a very expensive hotel town.

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      Don't forget Jimmy's and Durgin Park! Your last stop on this tour should be another famous, local institution: Mass. General Hospital! Yeesh!

      1. re: Joel

        Ps - I am leaving tommrow afternoon!! I am not getting a car so any HELP is important!!!

        1. re: tom

          If you read through this forum, you would, no doubt discover many good places to eat.
          BTW, Jasper's is LONG gone. He went on to consult for Legals and now has another place- the Summer Shack in Cambridge.

          1. re: tom

            I'm probably too late but for a fun bar with okay food, I'd suggest Bukowski's on Dalton by Boylston St. I like the Skipjacks on Clarendon and McCormick and Schmick's in the Park Plaza Hotel for seafood. And of course, you can get good seafood pretty much anywhere. It's not the greatest food but the Good Life is a busy bar with passable food not far from where you're staying (I think, not sure where this hotel is). Those are it for a quick, probably too late suggestion.

        2. re: Win (Boston)

          Wow! Thanks for the advice, the former Milner manager is a friend of the family so i will wing it on the hotel, but PLEASE give me some advice on the food and pubs/bars. I LOVE seafood and ethnic food but I do not know my way around Boston at all (I have never been there). I am from New Orleans (and I was A chef there) so I know what you mean by crappy tourist Places. What about Jaspers?