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May 23, 2001 09:36 AM

Green Street Grill

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Just had dinner at Green Street Grill last night and wanted to pass on some kudos. For those who haven't been since the renovation, it's really worth the visit. The room is clean and nice looking without losing the funkiness from the old days. I know that some of the Central Sq. "old timers" have poo-pooed the new look but these are the same folks that get upset everytime the Cambridgeport Saloon mops their floor!
The apps looked so good last night that we opted for those to pick at instead of entrees. The Cod and Conch Fritters were very nice. Not greasy and very tasty. The mussels were spicy and good. The broth alone was worth the price. The chorizo app. was good but the menu description was confusing (even the server thought it was the wrong order). We expected to see cheese and sausage together on a plate. Instead we were told the cheeses were incorporated into the chorizo. It was very tasty none-the-less.
I found the staff to be friendly and helpful and the room is still very cozy. I will go back again to try more items and report back.
Also - I did see that they have a cubano sandwich on the lunch menu since that subject has been brought up before in other postings. If anyone's tried it, let us know!

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  1. Went to the Grill a little while back. Good food, although I did find it a little on the pricey side.

    You didn't mention the dish that most sticks out in my mind: the black bean and plantain patties. (I think that's what they were, anyway.) Yum.

    1. I have eaten at the green street grill, and enjoyed it very much -- their fresh fish is GREAT for the price. just wanted to weigh in on their Cubano sandwich at lunch though -- it's terrible. Greasy, and the bread was dry. I prefer the one at Chez Henri.