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May 20, 2001 03:24 PM

LA to Boston

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First timers! Groovy couple (me and him) spending 4 days...we eat well here in LA and want the same.
Haven't seen mention of these eateries:
Atlantic 101
(BTW, I don't eat fish,or funky foods either yuk!...but Love Maine Lobster and Martinis!)
Radius, Grill 23, Sonsie(people-watch), Clio, etc...are on my list. (Reservations notwithstanding)
Oh, and what about Sculler's? I am going to Boston specifically to see Stacey Kent, jazz vocalist the dinner show for best seats. Will I regret?
Thanks...and don't bother to post after Wed-23rd. I'm gone.

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  1. The only place I haven't been to is Atlantic 101. Barcode has changed its menu since I was there (and had a bad mussel and/or tuna experience). Had nice meals at both Vox Populi and Mistral. Mistral's more formal but no attitude which surprised me. Vox is a happening spot and pretty fun. Have skinny tattooed Ethan make your martini. Sonsie is still one of my favorite restaurants.

    Haven't eaten at Scullers since we had a small Xmas party there years ago which was fine. No idea what they're like these days. I'm sure you'll have fun.

    1. Scullers is a nice place to see jazz, but don't expect too much from the cuisine. It's OK, but nothing like the other places you mentioned.
      Your best bets are Radius, Mistral and Vox Populi for the food/atmosphere mix you're looking for.