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May 18, 2001 02:35 PM

Cuban Food

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I would love to know if anyone has any Cuban gems that they know of. Actually, even anything Latin. Went to Bomboa a little while ago. I enjoyed my meal, but it wasn't, how would you say....inspiring. I had tuna prepared in some way that I have forgotten--the tuna was nice and rare, but the menu description promised something spicy, and there was nothing spicy about the dish. The dish was fine, but I feel as though my expectations were higher than what was delivered. Also, went to Chez Henri once, and was quite disappointed, I must admit. Just did nothing for me. Curious as to if anyone has any inspirational suggestions; or just plain old suggestions.

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  1. El Oriental de Cuba is located at 416 Centre St in Jamaica Plain.

    This a wonderful, authentic, home-style cooking place.

    Cubanos, old clothes, asopaos etc...

    A Cuban Sandwich (Cubano) here (with plantains on the side) and a fresh fruit batida will make your day. Then, satisfied, you can peruse the other options for another time without your head spinning.

    By the way, this Cubano will convince you that, although Chez Henri in Cambridge is a fun restaurant, their Cubano should renamed (inspired by a Cubano, MAYBE; but a real Cubano, NO).

    I forget the reason for the "Oriental" in the name. (There is a story, of course.) But, don't let it confuse you. There is no oriental influence to the menu that I know of.

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      Even better than the Oriental [we think], is Cafe Miami- same street down a bit, past the Hi-Lo Foods in JP.
      The food there seems fresher and more flavorful.
      I have noticed more Cubans and Latinos eating there than at the Oriental.
      Chez Henri in cambridge does an upscale Cuban - French thing. I have only had their Cuban sandwiches [a hefty 8.95] but excellent.