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May 16, 2001 03:24 PM

Anyone been to REAL Pizza yet?

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Anybody been to REAL pizza yet in Cambridge (Hi Rise Bakery's new installment)? What about its competitor across the street? Any suggestions?

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  1. I went to Real Pizza last week. The pies looked interesting, if a bit misshappen. However, I was there for pizza by the slice, and all they had available was plain and pepperoni. The slices were Sicilian style, and were perfectly servicable, but certainly not worth the $2.50 per slice. Be warned that, should you choose to eat there (or across the street, on a park bench), your only soft-drink option will be Coke, "hand-made" (whatever that means), which will set you back $2 a (plastic) glass.

    I'd been to Il Buongustino a few months prior; can't say that I was impressed with their pizza either. My slice (pea-shrimp-something-or-other) was lukewarm (after being re-heated) and had obviously been laying around for a while. Then again, I came by relatively late in the day, and would go back again to get a better idea of what they're capable of.

    Note that you may get significantly better results should you order a whole pie from either place. Nevertheless, neither joint holds a candle to Emma's back in the day.

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      Seth, you should have gone for the whole pie. We went last Saturday, and got one with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto. Crust is somewhat thicker and more traditional than Emmas, but extremely light and crispy. Toppings are very fresh and well balanced (although the basil pesto was a a little skimpy). It may be heresy but we actually liked it a little better than Emmas. Also, the full range of Hi-Rise drinks is available, including tart fresh lemonade. Lack of seating is a drawback, as is unavailability of slices from regular, as opposed to Sicilian style, pies.

    2. GREAT crust is a must!! ………As I have said on these boards before ,there are a lot of places that have great toppings but hardly anybody pays attention to the crust. Real Pizza has a great crust. Not surprising, since they are owned by High Rise. I have tried the round as well as the sheet pizza by the slice. I prefer the sheet style so slices from this is just fine with me. BTW, $2.00 per slice for plain and worth every penny.


      1. I went there about a week ago and left only a little less hungry than when i went in, about $15 poorer, and my fiance felt violated.
        For the cost, and the smell of the place when I went by, I was expecting a good deal more. Maybe it was an off day or something, but I'm not going there again.
        The clerks kept looking down my fiance's shirt, there was about maybe 3 ounces of tomato sauce on the pie, and a quarter cup's worth of mozzerella, so about half of each slice was crust with nothing on it.
        For the price you're better off calling Pizza Ring and getting two liberally-topped if not-fancy pizzas, or buying a DiGiorno, a 2 liter, and renting a movie (and still enough left for gas at the end of the week).

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          gregg in cambridge

          I'm trying to understand where some of the other people on this message board went for their Real Pizza. I must have gone to a different place on Huron Ave. The place I visited offered me a piece of bread spattered with a few drops of toppings. I ordered the Holly's Comet. I could find all of the listed ingredients on some of the pizza slices, but I had to aid my vision with a magnifying glass. Its lucky that I wasn't very hungry, or I would have been angry rather than just disappointed. The Real Pizza People appear to focusing exclusively on profit margins rather than good pizza. I figure each pizza cost $0.50 for ingredients, $1.50 for labor and a $1.00 for rent and utilities for which I paid $13.125 (two pizzas were $26.25). My advice, order a pizza from Ma Magoos and and use the rest of the money to take your significant other to an overpriced movie.