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May 16, 2001 01:54 PM

Place to buy Sushi/Sashimi Fish?

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I've been looking for a place with great sushi-grade fish that I can use when I make sushi at home. Right now, I've been buying the overpriced chunks of tuna and salmon they sell in Kotobukiya (Porter Exchange), but am looking for something a little better.
I live in Davis, so Somerville/Cambridge suggestions would be nice. Thanks.

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  1. The best prices are probably at Reliable market in Union Square. You can also try the Japanese market in Central Square (called Yoshinoya? - can't remember) on Prospect Street just north of Mass Ave. I can't remember if the other Korean grocers in that area keeps sashimi grade fish around, but you might check -- one is on Mass Ave between Central and Kendall just up from Rhythm & Spice, and another is on Mass Ave beyond Porter Sq near the Greek Corner Restaurant. Hope this helps.

    As a general comment, Japanese food in the boston area is abysmal. I don't know if you'll necessarily find anything "better" than you'll find at Kotobukiya unless you catch the fish yourself.

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      I've also had decent luck with sushi-grade fish and other asian groceries at the Reliable Market. Any place with half a room dedicated solely to soy sauce is worth seeing, at the very least.

      Someone mentioned that the "88" market in Chinatown is the biggest asian grocery around, so that might be worth a look.

      I heard from a friend that there's a place on the waterfront in Boston called "Sea to You" that sells a wide variety of sushi-grade fish essentially right off the boat. I haven't had the chance to verify this info, but it comes from a trusted source (a fishing fanatic who really knows food).

      Please keep us all posted on any other finds!

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        THE place to buy sushi-grade fish is the New Deal Fish Market, on 622 Cambridge St. in Cambridge. Recently reviewed in the Boston Globe (2001), many of their customers are Japanese.

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          Just tried New Deal last night. The tuna was great! Thanks a lot.

        2. re: Gabe Handel

          Sea-To-You is a terrific resource. As a sushi/sashimi grade wholesaler it has a very good reputation with the Japanese restaurants. My favorite Japanese restaurant swears by them for quality as well as selection.

          It is open for retail on Saturday mornings. If you want anything unusual, get there early. I've found delicacies like fresh sea urchin and monkfish liver (for ankimo).

          You can also order prepared platters of cut fish for "Handroll parties". Lots of fun! Provide the fish, seaweed, wasabi etc and let everyone make their own handrolls. I understand that you can also order prepared sushi, but I've not done it.

          It is located to the right of the No Name Restaurant (don't bother unless you want overly fried fish) on Fisherman's Wharf in Boston.


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        Gregory Zilch

        I am looking for a place near Joliet Illinois area to buy sushi to make at home or at least the best place to buy locally in the is the south chicagoland area can someone please advise me as to where to be able to do so???? ty very much for your time